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Our Story

Cara and I love telling our story. It's one of love, timing, fun and full of God's grace.

Prior to meeting, Cara and I were both involved with the same Church. We had our own sets of friends and had our own separate lives. At times our paths would cross, but we never actually met in a real way.

Then one cold Halloween night, we met at a party. I showed up dressed as a Backstreet Boy and Cara showed up as Hipster Ariel. I was looking for someone to draw a cross tattoo on my arm to complete my costume. Cara volunteered and we sat down and had our first conversation while she worked her magic to complete my costume.

After a few different events we both attended we went on our first date to a drive-in movie theater, and the rest is pretty much history.

We were married within a year of meeting. During our engagement we talked a lot about what we thought life would look like in the future. We both agreed we wanted children and that we hoped we’d be able to grow our family through adoption. After our first year of marriage we found out we were pregnant, but all too soon we lost our baby. We went through several more miscarriages over the next year or so and afterwards took some time for ourselves to heal from the pain of those losses. We chose not to take the path of fertility treatments, but to start our adoption journey. We jumped in full hope of hope and excitement.

We began our adoption journey and were matched with our son’s birth family right here through adoptimist. Our lives have not been the same ever since. His ever-present joy, laughter and energy make life all the more exciting! He loves being outdoors, singing, talking, playing and going wherever we take him. Our adoption journey has taught us so much about God, ourselves, and the precious moms and dads that are on the other side of this equation making some very tough and courageous choices for their family.

The three of us (and Oliver) currently live in central Virginia and we love it here. We spend a lot of time together exploring our city and hanging out with friends and family. Our dog, Oliver, also keeps us on our toes with his silly and playful personality. He loves his snuggles and we love them too.

We look forward to welcoming another baby into our family, getting to know you, and watching our son become an older brother!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in beautiful 4 bedroom home in central Virginia. The house has a lot of character, both inside and outside.

The house is surrounded by gorgeous landscaping and plenty of space to run around and play!

Inside, we've done a lot of renovating, one room at a time. Downstairs provides two spacious family/living rooms for welcoming guests and providing ample room to play and enjoy time together as a family.

The upstairs provides 4 bedrooms, one of which we are currently painting and turning into a nursery for the next child that will join our family! Check out our photos for updates on the nursery makeover.

Our neighborhood is lovely. We have nice wide roads which are great for taking bike rides or walking. There are mature trees all throughout that are gorgeous and give the best shade on these hot summer days. What we love most is that it is quiet, safe and our neighbors are all so friendly. We have a nice mix of older folks and young couples who have kids in the area as well.

About Ryan

I grew up in Northern Virginia with my parents and am the middle child of my 4 siblings. I have always been close with my family, but we've gotten even closer since our son came into our family. They are all head over heels for him to say the least. We are all so excited to bring another child into our family through adoption that we can love just as much.

I have been in my career now for 6 years as a data engineer. I have a lot of great relationships through work and really enjoy the flexibility my company gives me. I plan on being there for as long as they will have me!

Most of my personal interests center around sports. Watching sports, playing sports, talking sports. But, basketball and football are my favorite. It has been such an honor to watch our son grow and, now that he's walking & running, he seems to already love sports too! We have a blast "playing" any sport.

About Cara

I was born and raised in a rural area. My dad was and still is a farmer and my mom stayed home with my siblings and me through most of my childhood. My childhood was made up of being outdoors most of the time and exploring the woods or building a fort with my cousin who lived just next door. I grew up in a loving home with 3 siblings who I'm still very close with.

I went off to college and studied Speech Language Pathology. I worked for several years and am now a proud stay-at-home mom to our sweet son. We are currently loving the warm weather and get outside as much as we can. I've learned so much from being a mama and I'm cherishing every minute of it.

In my spare time I love to do projects around the house. We moved into our current home a little over a year ago and have tackled many projects to make it feel like our own. I love to imagine, dream and create. My all-time favorite thing is just being with both Ryan and our son and experiencing whatever is around us together!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ryan & Cara

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Ryan & Cara