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Our Story

Cara and I love telling our story. It's one of love, timing, fun and full of God's grace.

Prior to meeting, Cara and I were both involved with the same Church in Richmond, Va. We had our own sets of friends and had our own separate lives. At times our paths would cross, but we never actually met in a real way.

Then one cold Halloween night, we met at a party. I showed up dressed as a Backstreet Boy and Cara showed up as Hipster Ariel. I was walking around asking for someone to draw a cross tattoo on my arm to complete my costume. Cara volunteered and we sat down and had our first conversation while she worked her magic to complete my costume.

After a few different events we both attended we went on our first date to a drive-in movie theater, and the rest is pretty much history.

We were married within a year of meeting. During our engagement we talked a lot about what we thought life would look like. We both agreed we wanted our family to grow through the gift of adoption and we are so excited we have started this journey.

We currently live in Richmond, VA and we love it here. We spend a lot of time together exploring our city and hanging out with friends and family. Our dog, Oliver, also keeps us on our toes with his silly and playful personality. He loves his snuggles and we love them too.

We both greatly look forward to being parents. It's something we talk about and pray about often, and are excited to begin our family and raise a child in a loving and supportive home.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live just outside the city of Richmond. It's a cute neighborhood with lots of kids running around and playing. We have a great community of friends within just a few minutes drive and lots of great parks.

Our home is a quaint and adorable rancher. Our favorite selling point is the private backyard that has good space and a soon to be screened in porch.

The house has three bedrooms with one we are setting aside to be our nursery for our future child.

About Ryan

adoptive family photo - Ryan I grew up in Northern Virginia in a rather small city near Ashburn and McLean. I have 4 siblings and two loving parents. Most of my interests center around sports. Watching sports, playing sports, talking sports... To be specific, Basketball and Football dominate those areas. In addition to sports, I spend most of my time either with Cara or with our community group at our Church. We will have dinner together, go to parks or shows, go on retreats and various activities to spend more and more time together.

I am a Financial Data Analyst. Sounds super exciting right?! I make the best out of it I think. I have a lot of great relationships through work and really enjoy the flexibility my company gives me. I plan on being there for as long as they will have me!

Most importantly, I'm a very friendly and welcoming person. Driven heavily by the grace of God at work in my heart, I am quick to make new friends and develop deep relationships with others. I look forward to modeling that for my future children.

As you'll read in Cara's bio, I have also been greatly shaped by the journey we have been put on. It has been trying and difficult and full of emotions, but something that I believe has made both of us stronger and ready to see what God has in store. Through much prayer and consideration, we believe adoption is that path and I believe that these experiences and our surrounding community and family have prepared us to be the most loving parents we can be.

We literally can't wait for our family to start and love and nurture our child!

About Cara

adoptive family photo - Cara I have learned a lot about myself since meeting, dating, and marrying Ryan. Our marriage has been full of surprises in just 3 short years. I was laid off from my full-time job two months after we were married and shortly after I started a new part-time job working remotely as a bookkeeper which has stretched me in ways I never imagined. I studied Speech Therapy in college, so bookkeeping was a realm I knew nothing about.

After a year of being married, Ryan and I decided to start growing our family and I quickly became pregnant, only to lose that baby very early on in my pregnancy. This, very sadly, happened several more times. I never thought I would be "that" person--all my siblings had children with little problem--why in the world was this happening to us?

So, why am I telling you all this? Because this has shaped me into the wife I am and the mother I will be. This journey to growing our family has strengthened my faith and relationship with God. I have been broken with sadness over our losses but have been healed by God's gracious mercy to see hope and excitement for the future. Our marriage has been tested in so many ways already and we've grown stronger and persevered through some really tough things.

We had the option to try IVF and also have great insurance through Ryan's work. Pretty sure our doctor thinks we are crazy not to just take the leap, but I knew from the moment he offered that option that it wasn't the right path for us. We have been called to adoption and I know God will give me the strength to be a loving wife and a mom who loves her children fiercely no matter what the circumstances are.

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Ryan & Cara

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