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Christopher & Amanda


Photo Albums


  • Us

To Love Laughter and Happily Ever After

  • Us with amandas grandma
  • Amanda with her closest friends
  • Us with Chris Gram
  • Us with Amanda’s family
  • Us with Chris family

Vacation Time!

  • Us on virginia beach boardwalk
  • Us at luray caverns
  • Us in central park
  • Us in NYC
  • Us being goofy
  • Us hiking
  • Us at Virginia Beach
  • Us at Disney
  • Us enjoying sunshine

Christmas time

  • Christmas 2016
  • One of our christmas trees
  • Picking out our christmas tree
  • Us with our christmas tree
  • Family holiday fun
  • Decorating our tree

Some things we enjoy doing

  • Chris taking a picture of the sunset, one of our favorite things to do
  • Chris making a garden for Amanda's parents
  • Chris playing his drums
  • Chris playing frisbe golf
  • Amanda fishing
  • Chris doing body work on his truck
  • Chris making christmas cookies
  • Chris trying out our nephews crib
  • Us doing old time photos
  • Us enjoying some summer
  • Us watching the sunset by the water
  • A moon Amanda painted on the wall
  • Almost time for Amanda's sister to walk down the isle!!
  • Chris having fun painting clouds on the wall

time with family and friends

  • Amanda and her nephew Tucker
  • Us with our nephew Tucker at Easter
  • Chris and Amanda's dad working on our driveway
  • Chris with his niece Harley and nephew Beau
  • Us fishing with Chris' brother
  • Chris and Tucker having a serious conversation
  • Chris teaching our cousin how to fish
  • Chris with our nephew watching birds
  • Our niece and nephew playing chris drums
  • Our niece coloring



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Christopher & Amanda

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Christopher & Amanda