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Our Story

We met 3 years ago and knew right away that we wanted to get married and start a family. You know when you meet someone and you just know? We had difficulty getting pregnant but then it happened very unexpectedly. We had already started the adoption process and so we put that on hold until Parker was born. Adoption is close to Tony's heart (his brother was adopted) and we decided to restart the adoption journey. We would love for Parker to have a sibling close in age so they are more than siblings but grow up being friends. I am not able to have anymore biological children and honestly I am ok with that.

We have 3 small dogs. One is a wiener dog, a Chihuahua and a Boston Terrier. They love Parker and are very sweet with him. The dogs are all young in age so they'll grow up with Parker and hopefully his brother or sister.

What we like to do:
We love to travel and have been to Hawaii and Mexico and plan to take our children there. We also go hiking and like being out in nature. We go to sporting events like SF Giants, 49ers and Warrior games.

We both are very down to earth people who are open to all walks of life. We love to laugh and have fun. We make up songs and sing them to Parker. We think he likes them...haha.

Tony and I own a business and we are lucky enough to work from home and be stay at home parents. I started a skin care business 5 years ago and I help people with severe to moderate acne get clear. Tony helps with the inventory and shipping.

We are open to any race baby. Tony is half Mexican/Caucasian and I am Caucasian.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a safe and diverse city in the Bay Area. It's a small town with lots of parks. We are also a 20 minute ferry ride to San Francisco where there's lots to do like go to museums, Chinatown and the Pier 39. We love living here and we have a lot of friends who live close by and we have bbq's with them.

About Julie

About Julie:
I love animals
I used to be a teacher
I am originally from Massachusetts
I went to college in Florida
I love chicken wings
I hate spiders, like really hate
I've been to Japan
I love funny movies like Bridesmaids, Zoolander, and all the Dumb and Dumber movies.

What's on your bucket list? I would like to see Beyonce. Take our child(ren) to Europe and Japan.

About Tony

About Tony:
I love to cook and make a pretty mean steak
I am a 49ers fan
I've always wanted a big family
My brother was adopted
My favorite type of dog is a Dachshund
I like to go camping
I like getting tattoos and just got one in honor of Parker
I like to go snowboarding
I love being a stay at home dad
I like going to concerts

*Tony is the most hands on dad to Parker. He does it all: diaper changes, night feedings, and baths as well as playing and reading to him. He loves being a dad and it shows. I know he'll shower any child with the same kind of love and affection.

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Julie & Tony

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Julie & Tony