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Our Story

We are passionate about being connected to our friends and family, our community, nature and the outdoors, the world beyond our home town, and the future -- and our growing family.
You could say it was our professional 'purpose' that brought us together: we met while we were both working in the same medical research laboratories. We are committed to making an impact on human health, and are both involved in discovery and development of new life-saving medicines, with Stephanie as a Project Manager at a Biotechnology company and Arthur as a Life Sciences Strategy Consultant. We knew a month after we started dating that we would spend our lives together! Each of us is best friend, biggest supporter, counselor, adviser and team member to the other.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We own our home in a small town in New Jersey. Its our 'dream home' - a California ranch on a dead end street, with a big back yard with a swingset, and within a short drive of our friends and family, New York City, and parks for hiking, and beaches for sunning.

About Stephanie by Arthur

adoptive family photo - Stephanie by Arthur When we started dating, I fell in love, hard. Every day seeing Stephanie was like Christmas morning for me. That feeling continues today. Stephanie is the nicest, kindest person I know. She has taught me how to be kind, and her fundamental ability to give of herself generously and without expectation inspires me. She indulges all of my various hobbies (and enjoys most of them!). She's my life partner, I cannot imagine this journey without her, and look forward every day to the time I am lucky enough to spend with her. The biggest joy I experience is being a parent with her, and seeing how she nurtures, teaches, and loves our son Henry.

About Arthur by Stephanie

adoptive family photo - Arthur by Stephanie I always knew Arthur would be a wonderful father - ever since I watched one of my little cousins dance, standing on Arthur's feet. Arthur is so caring with Henry and loves to spend time teaching him new things and playing whatever game Henry has invented! He is a very loving husband - he supports me wholeheartedly, has been by my side no matter what and even still surprises me with flowers! He is one of the smartest people I know and is passionate about his work in evaluating ways to discover new medicines for incurable diseases. He brings that same passion and dedication to our lives and works hard to make sure he can provide Henry with every opportunity he may not have had as a kid, and building a loving home for us all. Arthur is an avid gardener and he has made a beautiful garden for us - which we enjoy all year! He has been the most incredible partner and the love of my life -I can't imagine my life without him.

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Stephanie & Arthur

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Stephanie & Arthur