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Our Story

This is the section where we are supposed to "sell" ourselves on how awesome we are...? Well, truth is, we probably aren't any more awesome than the hundreds of other hopeful couples you've seen on here. More than anything, we want you to find the perfect family that jives with YOU. So, we won't bore you with yet another attempt at trying to say exactly what you might want to hear. Let's start with the big stuff. Oh! Maybe a "Top 10 things to know about Blake & Olivia"! ...and if it sparks any further curiosity, don't hesitate to send us a private message.

Ready? Here goes...

1. We have been together for 11+ years and are in love more than the day we met.
2. We are extremely social people and live in an awesome neighborhood full of love and support - community at it's greatest.
3. We are entrepreneurs that set our own schedule and generally work from home. We own a few businesses. But the short story is: Olivia is a very successful realtor and Blake is one of the top paragliding instructors in the country.
4. We are spiritual, but don't consider ourselves to be religious in the traditional sense. We are very open, accepting and educated on many beliefs and cultures.
5. Adoption has been on our hearts throughout our entire relationship. Even though we are fertility challenged, adoption is not a "plan B" for us.
6. We are not perfect. But, we treat every bump in the road of life as a learning experience and try to grow from it.
7. Our home is our favorite place on Earth. But, we love to travel and believe that seeing the world is the greatest education.
8. We are very close to our extended families and they are in full support of our adoption journey.
9. We are hopeful for an open adoption on some level.
10. We are super active members of our local adoption community and have attended numerous support groups, education workshops and events.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Having children and adoption in particular has been part of our long-term plan our entire relationship. However, we never felt completely 'ready' (whatever that means) until we found our current home. It is a dream place to raise a child on so many levels. Our home is located at the end of our neighborhood in a cul-de-sac (almost zero traffic). It sits on the side of a mountain with views of the Wasatch range, the city and the entire valley. We share our cul-de-sac with some of our closest friends who all have children. The main reason we moved here is because of the paragliding flight park that sits across the street from our house. Blake is a paragliding instructor and most of his work happens in the park - literally steps from our front door. It's a big grassy park overlooking the city. While the park was built for paragliding, it is the epicenter of our entire community. On any given afternoon, the neighborhood kids meet there and play. The sky is always filled with dozens of brightly colored paragliders cruising around and the sunsets are simply amazing.

On the inside, our home is big and roomie. We have two pets; our tiny dog, Danni - and our giant fluffy cat, Pat. Our home is cozy, inviting and filled with good vibes!

About Blake

adoptive family photo - Blake Blake was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado thirty-five years ago. Growing up, everything revolved around his love for wind and things that fly. Every year he is doing some cool project with the kite industry. A couple of the most memorable was when he made kites into large snowflakes and worked on production for a commercial for Starbucks in 2011. In 2014, he flew a large kite in the shape of Toothless the dragon. He traveled all over the United States and to England to market the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" for Fox Dream Works. Blake has turned his passion for flight into something that he not only loves but can make a living doing while making many life long friends all over the world. Blake loves to travel with Olivia whenever they can get away as well as visit places like Columbia, Mexico and Africa to paraglide the mountains. He is always up for any adventure whatever it may be. He loves everything outdoors from stand-up paddle boarding, snow kiting, fishing and paragliding. His full time job is a paragliding instructor and tandem pilot in Utah. If it is a good day for flying, you can bet he will be outside with his paraglider in the sky. It is his happy place and helps him relax. On bad weather days, he will be inside teaching a class to other paragliding pilots about their gliders or the sport in general. Blake enjoys playing poker. You can catch him and Olivia making a last minute trip to Vegas to play in tournaments or they will host friendly games at their house with other friends in the neighborhood. Blake is a professional poker dealer and owns a company with Olivia to help train poker dealers and hold free-to-play games. One thing about Blake that sums up who he is... he is passionate and wants life to be fun and exciting no matter what he is doing. He is an inspiration when it comes to empowering ones self to do what they love!

Favorite food: Healthy stuff!
Least Favorite Food: Unhealthy stuff.
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
First pet: Cat named Ricky
Favorite Saying: "Make your own luck"
Pet peeve: People that talk too much about themselves
Favorite Station on Pandora: "Me and My Toothbrush"
Favorite past time on road trips: Podcasts for learning
Secret eebyjeeby: belly buttons

About Olivia

adoptive family photo - Olivia Olivia was born in Wichita Falls, Texas thirty - seven years ago. At a young age, she was entrepreneurial, starting her own house cleaning business at 15 years old. Her Mom and grandma would drive her to jobs until she got her drivers license. Olivia grew up on a farm and had a love for cows. She would milk her cow that she raised from a bottle fed calf until she graduated High School. She was home schooled by her mom and would often go to work with her Dad, who owns his own plumbing company. At 23 years old, she moved to Denver, Colorado. This is where she met the love of her life, Blake. From early on the farm, she developed a love for photography. Today, that passion has grown into a hobby where she loves photographing her friends and their kids. She also has a love for music and can play several instruments. The piano, guitar and fiddle. She is self taught on all of them and loves to sing as well. She has even written a couple of songs herself that came from special moments in her life. Olivia loves to travel and her happiest place is by the ocean. She loves Stand-Up Paddle-boarding and snorkeling. Her most favorite place she has ever been to is Tahiti but Oahu is a close second. The water in Tahiti is just like the pictures and snorkeling with the sharks and fish is so amazing!! One thing that will sum up who Olivia is... nurturing. She loves the people in her life and would do anything for them.

Favorite food: Mexican; enchiladas
Least Favorite Food: Deep fried food
Favorite Movie: "50 First Dates"
First pet: Dog named Midnight
Favorite Saying: "Don't get too comfortable"
Pet peeve: Driving too slow
Favorite Station on Pandora: "Chill Out"
Favorite past time on road trips: Sleeping
Biggest fear: Flying
weird Fact: Can't step on a crack in the sidewalk

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Blake & Olivia

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