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Hi There!

Thank you for having a look at our profile!

We can't even imagine how overwhelming this process must be for you. When we looked through other profiles on this site, every adoptive couple seems totally loving, deserving and down-right amazing. Where do you even start?

We don't want to even pretend that we can relate to what you are going through. Because...well, we can't. The story that led you to this decision is your story and unique only to your circumstance. We, as adoptive parents, are simply looking for a birth Mom to walk beside through this crazy journey, while making a child the top priority.

We would love to learn more about YOU and your story. Our hope is that any communication with us is laid back with no pressure. We are far more interested in 'keeping it real' than just trying to say what we think you might want to hear. So, please, don't hesitate to ask as many questions as you like.

Tons of love,
Blake & Olivia

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Who We Are

This is the section where we are supposed to "sell" ourselves on how awesome we are...? Well, truth is, we probably aren't any more awesome than the hundreds of other hopeful couples you've seen on here. More than anything, we want you to find the perfect family that jives with YOU. So, we won't bore you with yet another attempt at trying to say exactly what you might want to hear. Let's start with the big stuff. Oh! Maybe a "Top 10 things to know about Blake & Olivia"! ...and if it sparks any further curiosity, don't hesitate to send us a private message.

Ready? Here goes...

1. We have been together for 11+ years and are in love more than the day we met.
2. We are extremely social people and live in an awesome neighborhood full of love and support - community at it's greatest.
3. We are entrepreneurs that set our own schedule and generally work from home. We own a few businesses. But the short story is: Olivia is a very successful realtor and Blake is one of the top paragliding instructors in the country.
4. We are spiritual, but don't consider ourselves to be religious in the traditional sense. We are very open, accepting and educated on many beliefs and cultures.
5. Adoption has been on our hearts throughout our entire relationship. It's not a "plan B".
6. We are not perfect. But, we treat every bump in the road of life as a learning experience and try to grow from it.
7. Our home is our favorite place on Earth. But, we love to travel and believe that seeing the world is the greatest education.
8. We are very close to our extended families and they are in full support of our adoption journey.
9. We are hopeful for an open adoption on some level.
10. We are super active members of our local adoption community and have attended numerous support groups, education workshops and events.

Adoption Diary

Home Cooked Meal

WE LOVE to cook. Blake is very good at cooking, doesn’t need recipes and can make the yummiest meal out of anything in the kitchen. He always makes the plate look put together like a chef would, taking great pride in the details and colors of the food. When Blake makes even a sandwich, it is a work of art… He can never have a plain sandwich. He always has to add to it and make it even better. Olivia on the other hand would like to think she is great in the kitchen because she loves cooking when she puts her mind to it… but truthfully, cooking isn’t her strong point if she is in a hurry. Her favorite is to bake. She made these little apple pies for Christmas last year from scratch.

Biggest Fear

If you know Olivia, then you know her biggest fear is of flying! Ironically flying is Blake’s passion so once a year, he get’s her to paraglide with him (see pic below). Even though she is smiling, she is shaking to death from head to toe. It has been a work in progress to try and conquer that fear but she hasn’t come too far. Blake’s biggest fear is regrets at the end of his life for the things he didn’t do. Coming from a man of adventure, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. He lives every day to the fullest and is always down to try any new adventure.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Blake & Olivia

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Blake & Olivia