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Our Story

I know it sounds cliche but we really are one of those lucky couples who married their best friend. We met in 2010 in Seattle, WA and married in 2013 on a beautiful farm in Snohomish,WA. We are very blessed to have the marriage that we do. Our life has been filled with so many adventures, laughter, and a lot of love. We grow stronger as a couple every day and look forward to conquering what ever life throws at us. Our love story so far as been amazing. We have been married for 4.5 years and to be honest, it has been the best years of our life. We are the happiest when we are together and can't picture life any other way except, of course, for our longing to grow our family and have children to write the most important chapters in our story. Our hearts cannot be more ready to begin the next chapter of parenthood.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We are currently remodeling our five bedroom home which sits on our five acres of property. The property is a child's dream. Kevin should know as this was his grandparents home when he was a young child! The property is ready for tree forts, horses and other animals, sports and activities, and any exciting adventure that comes to mind!

The property is private, quiet and very peaceful. We cannot wait to share this beautiful home and property with our family.

About Emily

adoptive family photo - Emily I grew up in East Wenatchee, WA in the home that my parents still live in today. I work as a Human Resources and Administrative Director for an integrated healthcare clinic in the Seattle area. I really enjoy my work and take a lot of pride in the fact that I started with the company as a front desk coordinator and now am part of the upper management team. If we are lucky enough to be blessed with a child, I will be taking on the role of a stay at home mom. This change excites me. I am a very active individual and am excited to play a huge role in our child's up bringing. I adore my husband and love spending time with him. Whether we are just hanging out at home, going for a hike or going to our local dog park to check out all the puppies. I feel blessed, because we have such a strong marriage and friendship. We always have fun together, laugh and are able to be silly.

I am a very open, positive and loving person. I show my emotions and show my love and affection openly. I was raised in a family that said I love you and hugged everyday. I believe in verbal and physical affirmation and know that I will be loving on my babies whenever we are blessed with them.

I cannot wait to be a mom. It is something that I think about daily and I am very hopeful that we will be blessed with a baby in the near future.

About Kevin

adoptive family photo - Kevin I grew up in Skagit Valley, Washington, an area of the country that I believe is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I may be a little bias though. I am an attorney and my law practice is currently located in Lynnwood, Washington. I find my work very rewarding as I am able to help a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity. I feel lucky that my job does allow a lot of flexibility with my time. I am able to work from home if needed and can be make changes to my hours to be available for things important to my family. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife Emily, as well as family and friends. We like to be physically active and do things outdoors. Supporting our local sports teams (Go Seahawks!) is also a passion of ours.

For my family and those that I love, I am loyal almost to a fault. I have been described as a protector. I will always keep my family safe and secure in all aspects of life. I am committed to my family and family will always come first. I will schedule my work around my family, not the other way around. I feel that I am patient and a good teacher, and am excited to teach our children important life lessons (and little things too, like how to tie their shoes) and watch them grow and become their own person. I am expressive with my feelings and will tell our children how much I love them every chance I get. Being a dad will be the greatest accomplishment of my life.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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