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Brian and I met, in October of 2012, during a “Tough Mudder” race. Little did we know how symbolic that race and course would be of our life! Meeting him was my ultimate reward. Brian and I were both married previously but ironically, we have crossed paths so many times before and after our first marriages! Brian is my best friend’s cousin. I have been at countless family events since I was 9, but Brian was about 5 years older, so that was a big difference back then and we didn’t really “know” each other. I love to put it in perspective and tell Brian he could have taken an 8th grader as a date to his Prom! I even grew up calling his parents Aunt Beth and Uncle Ben. I guess I was always destined to officially become part of his family!
From the time Brian and I started dating, there has not only been this immense amount of love and respect for one another, there has been pure joy and lots of laughter. There is not a day that goes by where we have not laughed. Our relationship is pure and simple. We have both been through a lot in life, so we just appreciate each other to the utmost degree. There is no fighting. We are excellent communicators. Ultimately, we feel life is too short and we just take in each and every day and realize how fortunate and blessed we truly are that our paths finally did cross and we have created this amazing life together. We are each other’s best friend, confidant, and supporter. We have the same morals and values and sincerely love each other beyond compare. We are “that” couple, the type of couple you see in the movies that you think can’t exist. We are told this by our friends who always joke with us about it.
By the summer of 2014, Brian and I bought our house together, and we moved forward with our relationship. I became a mother figure to his children, Matt, Abi and Charissa, and we became a family. Brian has joint custody of Matt and Abi and it is an amazing and amicable situation. His ex-wife and I have even become close friends. The love for Brian’s children and looking out for their best interest is our top priority. Family is most important. We really do have such a special bond and this was reiterated on our wedding day with Matt as Brian’s best man and Abi as my maid of honor ☺ Although Charissa is older and away at school, we also have a wonderful relationship.. Brian is truly an amazing father and his children have changed me and enhanced my life tremendously. They have certainly prepared me for motherhood. Although we have become family, Brian and I feel incomplete. Unfortunately, we cannot conceive. I long to be a mother and we would love to share this experience of having a child together. As fortunate as we are, we just feel we are missing one very important family member.
We have been through so much together in such a short amount of time, but because of the strength of our relationship and our love for one another, and the support of our amazing family and friends, we have prospered and triumphed and we know this little one will as well. We don’t consider adoption our Plan B. We have realized that it is the plan that is meant to be.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a wonderful town and are located on a great block with children of all ages! Summer nights consist of kids running around playing tag and catching fireflies while parents chat and socialize! During the winter, everyone helps one another when it comes to shoveling and digging out after a bad snow storm. Our neighbors have become our friends and it is certainly the perfect community. We are raising Brian's two children in our household so this future baby is guaranteed siblings, friends, love and lots of laughter...and some pretty great parents as well! ;)

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Jaimie and Brian

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Jaimie and Brian