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We are an athletic and adventurous family who loves to travel, experience new things and have fun!


We're not sure where to begin, so we'll start by saying thank you for considering our family to raise your precious baby. We can't imagine how difficult of a decision this must be for you but want you to know that we respect your bravery in choosing adoption. We will raise your child to know of his birth mother's love and courage.

We began our adoption journey in December and originally set out to find a sibling pair of boys to add to our family of all girls. Our plan of finding a sibling pair was intentional because through our research we have become keenly aware of the impact growing up in a family of only biological children can have on a feeling of marginalization for an adopted child, not to mention a family who looks different from him, so we want to ensure your son never feels alone. With that being said, finding a sibling pair similar in age has not been easy, so we have shifted our goal to adopting two boys back to back, and the first boy will set the parameter for what we look for in our second. We have a diverse group of friends and plan on seeking community support and exposure to other blended families but also feel the best way to ensure a sense of social and familial inclusion for your son is to adopt a second child for him to grow up with. I say this in full transparency, so if you choose us, you know we have your son’s best interest at heart in our intent to adopt again in the future.

To tell you a little more about us, we are both college-educated and highly value education for our children. All of our girls had or currently have a college savings account, and we plan on doing the same for our adopted children. We also value real-word experience and will encourage our younger children to travel, study abroad and explore as we have with our older girls. Traveling is one of our favorite things to do as a family, and our kids have been fortunate enough to see some amazing places! In 2017 alone, we have taken our children on trips to Maryland, New York City, Costa Rica, San Francisco, Puerto Rico and on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. We love exploring new cultures, hiking and being outdoors and have especially enjoyed seeing the world through our children's eyes.

Our home is in the center of a southern city and is very child-centered and full of love and laughter. A typical day for us usually involves a walk to a playground with our dog, a trip to the pool or the children's library or a play date with friends in the morning, followed by naps then playing dress up and listening to Disney music while I cook dinner in the evening. We are very fortunate in that Albert’s office is walking distance from our home, so in addition to playing with them before leaving for work, he makes it home in time to eat dinner with us and help me with baths and reading our bedtime stories. I am extremely lucky to be a stay-at-home mom and love to play and be silly with the kids. We also have a live-in au pair from Colombia, which has not only allowed us plenty of quality time with each child individually but has also made our younger children bilingual in Spanish and English.

Again, we want to thank you for considering our family. We are very comfortable with having direct and open communication with you and would be happy to discuss further what you foresee our relationship to be like should you choose us. We sincerely hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you and with love,
Courtney and Albert

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Who We Are

We met at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse at an after work event. I was drawn to Albert instantly, and later I found out he was just as intrigued with me.

After dating for about a year and a half we had discussed marriage
and specifically the appropriate timing of our engagement as it relates to his two children from his previous marriage, so I knew his proposal was imminent. We used to date night every week, and we still do, so when he picked me up for a nice dinner, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. However, he was visibly nervous taking my coat from me at the restaurant, so I had a gut feeling he was going to ask. We had a lovely dinner at an intimate restaurant, and after our second course, he got down on one knee. I can't say I was totally surprised, but I was thrilled!

Our wedding was amazing. The first international family vacation I'd ever been on was to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and Albert grew up visiting the beaches there, so we knew exactly where we wanted to say our vows in front of family and friends. We flew down about one
hundred guests and had a three-day celebration filled with local food, dancing and even a Catamaran around the coast. On the fourth day, we were married in the rain forest overlooking the ocean. My uncle, who is a Catholic deacon, married us, and we wrote our own vows. It was very personal and intimate, and the reception lasted well into the evening. It is a week we will never forget! In fact, my side of the family loved it so much that my parents and brothers bought the condo where I had my makeup done before the wedding, and we take our children back every year.

We now have four daughters, but our older two are grown and no longer living at home.
We are a very active family, and most of our activities center around the children or traveling. We enjoy walking around our city to the various parks, playgrounds and events. If we are in town, on weekends we often ride our bikes along a greenway that overlooks the city or hike one of the nearby mountains. We travel quite a bit for a family with young children and thanks to our live-in au pair, we plan on continuing travel with our new additions as well. One of the first things we do for our children after birth is apply for their passports, so we can visit our family in Costa Rica and explore other countries. Albert also travels a good bit for work, so we often plan a vacation around it and visit him. Esme is very into imagination play and spends a lot of time playing dress up, which has been really fun. We all love music, so at night while I'm cooking, we often play children's music and dance in the kitchen — the kids and I love to get Albert
dancing too when he walks in from work. We can't wait to complete our family by adding two boys!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Courtney + Alberto

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