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We knew each other from afar before dating, and had mutual friends who decided we needed to be together. David was onboard with that, but, Tara, not so much. After a year or so of resisting, Tara gave in and we dated for about a year. We married in July of 2000 and, believe us, it has been a roller coaster ride ever since!

We've grown so much in 17 years of marriage. Just look at our wedding photo--oh, to be that young again! Having dealt with so many of the challenges life throws at you, (i.e. financial, employment, health, fertility, death in family), we've learned not be judgmental, forgive quickly, put ourselves in the other person's shoes, cry together, laugh more, travel a lot. Battling infertility was probably one of the most difficult challenges in our marriage. After seeking treatment with a fertility specialist, we felt so much peace when we finally decided to adopt.

Outside of work, we spend most of our free time with each other. Some of our favorite things to do in our free time is: bible study, traveling (we've traveled a lot, as you will see in our photo album), enjoying nature, hiking/walking, visiting museums, listening to jazz, R&B and classic rock, going to the ocean (unfortunately, we are landlocked here in Charlotte but we usually go to the ocean at least two to three times a year), people watching, taking long drives, socializing with family and friends (Tara loves to organize parties), and, of course, eating (we love experiencing new foods and restaurants!)

We are polar opposites (as you will see when you read our bios) but, because we've been married for a while we tend to know what the other person is thinking or about to say. David is quiet and reserved, would rather be with animals than humans and is a music lover. Tara is lighthearted and fun-loving, people oriented, a good conversationalist and loves a good party. We compliment each other very well. What an asset for our new baby, they get the best of both worlds!

Read our bios, we have so much more to tell you.

And, so, our story continues...

Our Home

We live in a townhouse community outside of the city. We're surrounded by lots of trees, nearby parks and a major river that's adjacent to our community. Even though we don't have a child yet, on the weekends you will often find us at a nearby state park. It's so relaxing!

Our home is approximately 2000 sq. ft. and has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths along with a garage, sunroom and backyard patio. Our child will not only have his or her own walk in closet but a private bath to boot!

About Dave (written by Dave)

adoptive family photo - Dave (written by Dave) I grew up just south of Boston, MA., where my family and I were caretakers at a museum with an extensive painting, scrimshaw and model collection. We lived at the bottom of the hill of an Audubon Sanctuary with miles of trails and acres of woods. I grew up with a natural love of nature and animals living in these surroundings. I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters most of which are older than me, 2 of my sisters are younger than me, all of whom I love deeply.

My deep love of nature draws me to enjoy, hiking, fishing, and just being outdoors. I also enjoy music very much and have an extensive collection of cd's and records. My taste in music ranges from classical to classic rock and everything in between, depending on my mood.

All of these are things I enjoy sharing with Tara and look forward to sharing them with our child. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than teaching our child about nature and our creator.

About Tara (written by Tara)

adoptive family photo - Tara (written by Tara) I was born and raised in Alabama, and confronted difficult challenges as a young child. My mother was extremely sick throughout my childhood and I never knew my father, as he died when I was just an infant. When I turned 8, my mother died and I officially became an orphan.

I have an older brother, and although we have different fathers, we both share the pain of losing our mother at early ages. Unfortunately, after she died, we were separated--my aunt raised me and my grandmother raised my brother in the same small town where his father lived. My aunt was a single parent, had two children and lived paycheck to paycheck, yet she graciously invited me into her family. This simple act of kindness was the turning point in my life.

I excelled in school, my grades were excellent, I took advanced courses and graduated among the top students in my class. I received a scholarship, graduated from a community college (years later, I went back to University to receive my Human Resources certificate) and ended up working for the USPS for about four years. In 1997, I decided I needed a change, so I hightailed it to Boston, MA. This is where I met my husband, Dave.

I call myself an introverted extrovert. I know it sounds weird--I love being around people and can be the life of a party, but at the same time I relish my alone time when all that I hear are my own thoughts. I'm left handed and you know what they say about left handers, they're creative! True to that estimate, I love to write, my husband tells me all the time that I missed my calling. I also enjoy painting, taking pictures, baking, reading (reading is like food to me), and sleeping. Yep, a good night's sleep or nap is the bomb with a side of chocolate!

I feel that my life experiences have groomed me to be an adoptive parent. It has made me a compassionate and thoughtful person. Having been an orphan myself, I can relate to the feelings of my adopted child. I understand what it feels like to want a family that loves you and to wonder who you are. There are so many questions that float through your mind when you're adopted. I promise to help my adopted child find the answers so they can feel complete.

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Dave & Tara

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