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My dear little one,

I pray for you daily as I wait your arrival. The entire family sits watching for you. Mommy and Daddy were married 11 years ago. We loved kids then, and had 13 in our wedding. We moved to Boise, Idaho just a few weeks later. We bought a house, got a puppy, and found a church.

Daddy is an electrical engineer. He gets to make things for computers and printers. He likes to build things, read about God, help people, and play with his kids. He will show you how to love learning. He has a masters in engineering but is still in school to learn about God. He does fun things with toys and will take you on fun adventures.

Your mommy keeps the house running. She loves chocolate, flowers, and the sounds of children. Mommy is a type 1 diabetic. That means sometimes she hands out candy for no reason. She has all kinds of cool things like an insulin pump. Her blood sugars are usually in control, making it easy. Mommy is an artist. Mommy is excited to snuggle you.

Patrick is the nicest big brother you could ask for. He is 9. He loves to play legos, watch movies, eat pizza, and ride his bike. Patrick is so excited for you to come as he loves people, especially little ones.

Annie came to our family through adoption like you. Her long name is Anastasia. At 5, she is spunky and full of cool ideas. You will never be bored with her as your sister. She will love you so much. She is already making plans for your arrival.

Your next sister’s name is Esperanza, but we call her Ella. She is 2 is learning to talk and share. She loves friends her size. Ella plays baby all the time getting ready for you. She and Annie were just playing “adoption” with their baby dolls.

Mommy and Daddy had other babies that died before they were born. Some day we will tell you about them. Foster kids were also ours for a time, and our wall is full of pictures of them and others who have lived in our house and become part of our family. Missing all of them them makes every minute with you more precious.

We live in a house with a big yard, and ride our bikes on the porch. We have a swing set. Mommy makes sure everyone has their own space for special toys and things that no one else can touch. We walk to the park for play equipment and ducks. Daddy’s work is nearby so he can come home for lunch. Our house tends to look lived in. It is clean, but you don’t have to worry about messing it up. We love to play more than we love a tidy house.

You will do chores and go to school. Work and play balance life. We will enjoy your little years while preparing you for adulthood. You will think for yourself. You will make decisions and see what happens.
You will have lots of friends at church. They are praying for you right now. Daddy and Mommy love God with all their hearts. They pray that one day you will love him to. They will teach you about God’s love and forgiveness. Most of all they will live out God’s grace for you to see. They will never require you to do religious things like be baptized, pray certain things. Instead they want you to love God for yourself.

So many people want you to come. You have 2 aunts and 4 uncles. Two of your uncles were adopted like you. Nana and Grandpa live in Boise so you will see them all the time. Gama and Papo live in Arizona but they come visit a lot and we go visit them. For now you will only have one cousin, but I bet you get more before long. That’s just the beginning of your family. You have a ton of great aunts, uncles, second cousins, and their kids.

We won’t take away from your birth family’s love, only add to it. Love is one of the neatest things, you don’t have to take it away from one to give it to another. If one person loves you that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t love you too. Whenever it is good for you to have contact with them we will see to it that you do. We will be here for you no matter what.

We love you little one and can’t wait to bring you home.
~Your family
Robert, Carmen, Patrick, Anastasia, Esperanza

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in an old farmhouse, now surrounded by an upscale and peaceful neighborhood. The shop used to be a goat dairy. There is a large fenced backyard with tons of room for bikes, running, playing in sprinklers, a playset, and three dogs.

We are not in the fanciest home, but perhaps the most comfortable for new and long-time guests. Despite the toys on the floor, people still love to visit. There are 4 bedrooms and a large playroom. Local parks are a walk away, with great schools even closer.

About Rob

adoptive family photo - Rob Rob is an outgoing, smart, funny, and focused engineer. He enjoys taking breaks from work and household projects to take his family on outings, play games, and watch movies.

Rob is a student of his children, tailoring 1 on 1 time to their particular desires. He loves to tell them how proud he is of them and just bring them along on the tasks of life.

He tries to show what should be done by example, instead of dictating.

He loves to learn, is always trying something new, and just added solar to the house because he thought it would be fun.

He is studying for a second masters, this time in bible and theology.

He can fix anything but dinner. Ok, that too on occasion, but not as good as Carmen's.

About Carmen

adoptive family photo - Carmen Carmen is warm and fuzzy. She loves having a house full of children and is the artistic, creative, sensitive one.

Carmen's top parenting skill is her empathy. She really understands what it is like to be 4 years old and miss your stuffed unicorn, or be 9 and have a bad day at school. The important things to her children become important things for her.

She views her children as individuals, and tries to find the right solutions for each child's unique personality.

She has an endless supply of activities that children find amusing and enjoys them almost as much as they do.

Carmen is from a small town, and a family of 7. Her favorite relationships are her few closest ones, including her children.
Her two brothers were adopted, and it is a natural part of her family tradition.

Carmen is peaceful. She loves chocolate, tea, coffee, musicals and fresh flowers.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Rob and Carmen

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Rob and Carmen