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Elise & Don
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We cannot wait to love and nurture the newest member of our family.

We can only imagine how overwhelmed you must feel at the decision you have before you. We have no doubt you will make the right decision for you and your baby. If you let your heart be your guide you can't go wrong.

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Don and I met at a company picnic. We hit it off immediately and spoke for hours. We both enjoy cooking, animals, playing sports, and making each other laugh. We also love a good sci-fi movie.

After trying many options both natural and physician assisted, Don and I realized we were not going to have our own children. We both long to be parents.

Don and I are both from small towns in upstate New York. I have one brother who lives in California and has two children. I was fortunate in that my mom did not work when I was growing up. Our family was always going somewhere or doing something; an amusement park, bowling, camping, to a play. My mother made sure we took swimming lessons, played musical instruments, were in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, had friends over, and anything else we chose. I have great memories of family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was always great food and fun playing pool, ping pong and cards with my cousins. Over the fourth of July holiday we camped out, watched fireworks and made s'mores. I have a great mom to thank for all that. Now I want this with a child of my own.

Don is the youngest of six.
He enjoyed playing in the woods and at the park with his friends. Also playing down by the creek. He would be out until dark many nights. He was an avid baseball, basketball, and football player growing up and loved the comradery of his teammates. He also remembers large family gatherings during the holidays at his house. Great food made by his mom and lots of laughs. Today Don enjoys the company of his many nieces and nephews but longs for a child of his own.

I work full-time as a Registered Nurse. I love my job because I get to help people. Don works full-time as a Logistics Manager. He enjoys the fast pace and his role as a supervisor.

We are very compatible because we both value hard work, family and the importance of learning.

We enjoy music concerts, plays, traveling, cozy nights at home, working out and gardening. Don enjoys fishing, home projects and watching his favorite team the Dallas Cowboys play. I enjoy a good book, knitting or sewing a project or baking something yummy. The one thing that is missing is a child to share our lives with.

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Elise & Don

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