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Our Story

After meeting six years ago we've been inseparable best friends ever since! We are truly two peas in a pod and do everything together.

We are blessed to have Chancee as a full time stay-at-home parent to our two children. He loves taking the kids out on adventures during the day like hiking, trips to the zoo, and hanging out with neighborhood friends. Our two boys enjoy playing with each other and regularly tell us they want another brother or sister to play with. Tarrah is fortunate to have flexibility at work and a good amount of vacation to spend with the family, including three months of family leave after the completion of an adoption.

Because we get to spend a lot of quality time together as a family, we really focus on making memories that are fun and unique. We feel that camping and taking trips is an amazing way to bond closer together and learn through experiencing the world first hand in a supportive environment.

As experienced parents, we are so excited to welcome another child into our family with the same love, affection and support that we give our older children.


Our closest friends and family have said many generous things about our desire to adopt:

"Chancee and Tarrah are a very loving couple, they have such love and respect for each other. They truly fit together like two peas in a pod. They are loving towards their children, friends, and family. Always willing to lend a hand to those in need if they are able. Truly one of the sweetest couples we know." ~ Family Friend

"Chancee and Tarrah are exceptional parents to their two boys, with tremendous love and support. Throughout the course of my life I have admired their friendliness and kindness to all they meet and the life they have built for themselves and their children." ~ Family friend

"They have happy kids, and a very large circle of adoring friends who would welcome another 'little Chance or Tarrah' to include in playdates or camping trips. My wife and I recommend them for adoptive parenthood. They have the means and the incredible strength of character required to love, and accept another human being into their family without question or condition." ~ Family friend

"I highly recommend Chancee and Tarrah as adoptive parents. They are fun, kind and loving people and will not only be able to provide well for any child or children they adopt, but they will provide a loving and wonderful home where I believe with all my heart that their child or children will be cherished." ~ Family friend

"I have loved watching my four kids get to know Chancee. On one of our many adventures last summer, we went on a beautiful hike. I love watching Chancee take time for each one of my kids, and his own kids, and teach them new things like how to hop from rock to rock across a small river. With an incredible amount of patience, he taught them to believe in themselves and take chances. My kids left Washington with a new hero." ~ Family member

"Tarrah interacts beautifully with children. Tarrah was very inspiring to my two oldest boys especially. She shared with them much about her career working in software engineering. She played games with them that left everyone laughing so hard." ~ Family member

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have been blessed to own a spacious house in a quiet, family oriented neighborhood since 2014. Our home is a single level rambler with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It sits on a two acre lot, much of which has old growth forest. There are many places for our children and their future sibling to play, including a large playroom downstairs, a lego and game table in the living room, and two outdoor patios.

Our dog is three years old and has grown up with children her whole life. She is fully trained and loves playing with all the kids in the neighborhood. We also have a koi pond with nine fish and frogs in it, which all our kids can enjoy since they can watch them swim and feed them.

Our neighborhood is family oriented, with lots of children between toddler and tween ages. Many parents let their children play freely in the cul-da-sacs and forested areas of the neighborhood. During the summer we regularly have BBQs and block parties with the neighbors. We are all close and enjoy spending time together.

We are grateful that our town has some of the best schools in the country, with the elementary, middle and high schools having 10 out of 10 star ratings.

About Tarrah, By Chancee

adoptive family photo - Tarrah, By Chancee Tarrah is a friendly, practical, and down-to-earth person, which is a perfect balance to my adventurous personality. I love that she is so optimistic and tries to enjoy life to the fullest. She grew up in a loving household and strives to give the same experience to our family.

Tarrah had strong female role models in her life that taught her how to balance a successful career while also being heavily involved with the family. She is a hard worker and I feel blessed that her career allows me to stay at home with the kids full time. She really loves when I can bring the kids by her office and she can show them all the cool technology she gets to work with.

I am truly thankful that upon the completion of an adoption, she will get 3 months off of work for parental leave, allowing her to focus on the children full time with me.

I love Tarrah with all my heart and can't wait for us to expand our family together through adoption.

About Chancee, By Tarrah

adoptive family photo - Chancee, By Tarrah Chancee is the most caring person I have ever met and always willing to sacrifice a lot to help others. It’s really important to him that his friends and family know they are a central part of his life, and that he would do anything for them. He loves being a stay at home parent, though it’s not very traditional to have the father be with the kids all day, it works great for our family.

Chancee is the the adventurous one when it comes to getting outdoors, especially with rock climbing, camping and even ballroom dancing. Playing board games with friends is a big part of his life. I would call him a bit of a trickster because he enjoys surprising people. Most recently he was able to surprise me by bringing my entire family to Seattle for a family reunion!

Chancee has an endless amount of love and patience that he is eager to give all the children in our family. He is truly the love of my life and I am so thankful for every day that we get to spend together.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Tarrah & Chancee

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