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Our Story

We are Midwesterners who now call the Pacific Northwest home. After college, Michele traveled all over the country hiking, camping, climbing, and just exploring the outdoors. She climbed Mt Rainier one summer and after that decided to move out to Seattle to experience living in the Northwest. Who knew the move would be so permanent!

After college, Tom taught math and science in the Peace Corps in West Africa. After the Peace Corps and moving back to the Midwest, Tom started his career with a large company in Minneapolis. Tom had the opportunity to travel the world and even live overseas. An opportunity to work for a startup in Seattle came his way and he jumped at the chance to experience the Northwest and the excitement of a new company.

We met at work at the startup company that brought Tom out to Seattle. It was an intense and exciting time in our careers and what started as a great friendship, turned into love and a life where we didn't want to be apart. While we no longer work together, our lives are inseparable and Seattle has remained our home.

Adoption is something we have talked about from the beginning of our relationship. We have many friends and family who are adopted, have had a child through adoption, and even a close friend who is a birth mom and found a wonderful couple to adopt her daughter.

While we first started with the traditional methods of having a baby, a successful pregnancy was not part of the plan. Infertility was a surprise and disappointment for us, but rather than continuing with fertility treatments, we knew the right path for us was to grow our family through adoption

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a 4-bedroom home in a quaint Seattle neighborhood. We overlook Puget Sound and a wonderful local park. Our park is great and has an outdoor pools, lots of playgrounds, and a zip line. Being right on the water, the park is also home to lots of wildlife. We've even been lucky enough to see whales as they migrate through the area!

Our neighborhood is full of kids, schools, and families. One of the things we love best about our neighborhood are all the activities that bring families together like our Sunday Farmer's Market, Halloween Trick-or-Treating, summer and fall festivals, and chili cook-offs.

About Michele

adoptive family photo - Michele About Michele...written by Tom!

Michele and I became great friends from the moment we met. I love Michele’s boundless energy, enthusiasm and sense of adventure. Michele has an amazing ability to draw out the best of everyone around her, always focused on the positive and the best of what the world has to offer. Michele and I both share a love of traveling and cooking – frequently combining both! But most of all I love how Michele and I laugh together and how we always manage to have fun no matter where we are.

What I most look forward to is seeing Michele as a mom. For years she’s done an amazing job with our nieces and nephews and kids of all our friends with backyard camping sleepovers, holiday craft days, cupcake baking, strawberry waffle breakfasts, storytelling adventure nights, building forts under the pool table, long walks with the dogs, and teaching everyone how to play Xbox games. And best of all, making all the kids feel good about themselves and what they can accomplish!

Michele’s Favorites:
• Favorite sport is swimming – preferably in the ocean as long as there are no jellyfish.
• Favorite hobby – anything active & outside. Hiking, snowboarding, kayaking are my favorite.
• Favorite musical – The Sounds of Music – I’ve seen it at least 50 times!
• Favorite book(s) – Harry Potter! I love reading and while I have lots of favorites, this is the series I have read (and re-read) the most.
• Favorite place to travel – anyplace new with Tom! I love exploring new places together with Tom. He is by far my most favorite travel partner!

About Tom

adoptive family photo - Tom About Tom...written by Michele!

"Friends buy you lunch. Best Friends eat your lunch. " Tom is a Best Friend, not just to me but to many people. That is one of the things I love best about him. He has an endless amount of energy and that energy is most commonly given to others. Whether is helping with house projects, making a meal for someone, or just lending his ear, Tom is someone you can always count on. And you can always count on Tom to eat your last bite!

I can't wait to see Tom as a Dad. Although, I feel like I have seen him in this role already with so many of our friend’s families. He loves to teach and some of the most special moments I witness are when Tom is sharing a skill with someone else (whether it’s an adult or a kid!).

Tom loves:
• Cooking
• Traveling
• Hiking and Backpacking
• SCUBA Diving
• Sailing
• Working Out

Tom looks forward to:
• Making baby food
• Arts and craft
• Telling stories
• Teaching the fine art of using a hammer
• Exploring the world with a little one

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Michele & Tom

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Michele & Tom