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Dear Precious Mother,

We can only imagine the emotions you are experiencing at this moment in time regarding the chain of events that has lead you to this letter. Maybe you feel overwhelmed because this pregnancy was not in the plan you had for your life. Maybe you desire to parent this child, but just don't have the support or resources to do so at this point in time. Whatever your stresses might be, we admire your courage to give birth to this child amid the difficulty and uncertainty you are feeling. Be encouraged.This baby is in God's plan! Please know that we have prayed for you and every other expectant parent that happens to read this page. We have prayed that the Lord would protect you, provide your needs, give you grace, and grant you much wisdom and comfort as you try to make decisions regarding the future of this little one. We made this profile because God planted a desire for adoption in each of our hearts long ago. Now that we have been married 15 years and have had three biological children, the Lord has set our feet on this path full-force to find our fourth child through adoption. His timing is perfect and we trust that He has us looking right now for a reason. As you are looking for answers to questions, so are we. We are praying for direction and wisdom too, and are asking that if the Lord wants us to adopt, He'll connect us with the parent that He planned for us to meet more than 15 years ago. We are looking to find a loving mother that is considering making an adoption plan for her baby. We are willing to make a plan that would be as open or closed as this mother would feel comfortable. If this parent might be you or someone you know, please keep reading and get to know our family a little better. We hope that it will be clear to see how much love is growing for our child in our own hearts and in the hearts of many friends and family that are closely connected with us. So much love and joy is just waiting to be poured out on this little one without reserve! May God's grace and peace be with you on this journey! If you desire to speak with us further, please reach out to us through the toll-free number or email address provided at the top of this page. The toll-free number rings straight to Jill's cell phone. We look forward to supporting you on this journey and loving you and this little baby forever.
Jonathan and Jill

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Who We Are

We love our family! When we met back in the year 2000, we couldn't have dreamed of a better life than the one the Lord has been so gracious to give us!

When we were just the ages of 16 and 19, we both talked about how we would love for adoption to be in our future together. We were married in the year 2002 and Jill looked into adoption, but for our meager wages and still being in college, we didn't move forward right away. Fast forward three years and the Lord decided it would be best to grow our family biologically at first.

In the years of 2005, 2008, and 2013, we were given our 3 most precious earthly gifts! They stretch us, grow us, and teach us in their own unique ways, and we love them an indescribable amount. This May we celebrated our 15 year anniversary, and we are thrilled to finally get to pursue our dream of adopting a baby. We know that the Lord planted this desire in each of our hearts, and that for some reason He delayed us 15 years from beginning the process. We believe His timing is perfect! If He hadn't delayed us, you wouldn't be reading this right now and considering us for this monumental task!

Our life is pretty regular. We are not super fancy or important people if you put us in a line up. We didn't come from families like that either. Jonathan is an educator for schools in a particular county in West TN. He is also the pastor of our sweet church and has been for 9 years. Jill used to teach parenting sessions and counseled troubled families, adoptive families, and troubled teens after she finished her Master's degree in Counseling 10 years ago. Now she's at home full-time and homeschools all of our kids! She loves being with them and teaching them (and learning a lot with them too!). We love God, love being together, going to the beach and other fun places, reading books, jumping on the trampoline,riding bikes around the neighborhood, and being with our friends, family, and our church familly. Our life is simple, but it is full of fun, joy, and peace!

If you asked us what our wishes for each of our children were, it would be this. We are daily trying to build a legacy for them. One where the Lord is honored above all and where that love for God allows us to love others well. We desire them to know the peace and joy that having a relationship with Christ brings, in ways that all other earthly things cannot satisfy. We both as their parents are trying to model this and teach this daily to our children...and we will seek to do the same for this little one that is entrusted to us. We desire to build a legacy of hard work, integrity, virtue, compassion, and gratefulness. We are so happy to walk alongside our children in this huge task of growing them into wonderful, responsible, and kind adults that will have firm foundations upon which to build their own families one day!

To learn more details about our family and extended family, please click on this link to view the Shutterfly adoption profile book Jill created!



Loves reading, working out at the gym, swimming, bike riding, listening to Blues, Motown, 80's, and Christian Hip Hop music, listening to audio books, camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, watching Akira Kurosawa movies, coffee, cheeseburgers, Chinese food, and eating at BB Kings on Beale St in Memphis!

Loves making beautiful things and decorating spaces, crafting, blending her own teas, learning about nutrition and how to keep our family healthy, taking care of others, going on trips, reading with the kids, being with her friends, drinking coffee, simplicity, visiting antique shops and yardsaling, eating popcorn with M&Ms or Raisinets mixed in when we watch a movie.

We used to love to go out to eat and to see movies or to paint pottery or other various things. We still like these thing, but honestly, ordering Shrimp Pad
Thai for takeout with cream cheese wontons and watching Gotham on Netflix in our PJs is our most favorite relaxing date when the kids are away for this current season of parenthood!

Adoption Diary

To the expectant mother in our future…

Dear Precious Mother,
You are a part of our family and you don’t even know it.  You are part of our prayers and the prayers of our children.  You have a sure, a loved, and defined place in the life of our family already…and we haven’t even met you yet.  We don’t think of you as a possibility and we don’t pray for you in that way. We pray for you as a real person with real struggles and a real name (even though we don’t know what name to call you by yet).  My prayer for you this morning is that the Lord would give you support for your decision.  That your partner, your parents, your other family, and your friends would be an encouragement to you in the decisions you are trying to make.  Pregnancy is difficult on your mind and body even when you aren’t under stress to consider adoption. I have prayed the Lord would protect your body and the life within you and will make you both strong.  Maybe you are struggling financially or are barely making ends meet.  I have prayed that the Lord would provide your needs.  Maybe you haven’t found anyone you feel comfortable with yet to ask to parent your baby. I am praying the Lord would help you to find us. I feel like, this week especially, I have flung information to and fro all over the state of TN, hoping that it will find its way to you and then hoping that you will find your way to us. We love you and care for you, sweet mama. We cannot wait until the day that we can come alongside of you and offer you our own words of encouragement and support. We can’t wait until the day that our lips can utter your real name in prayer, but we know that God already knows your name.  You will forever be one of the most courageous moms I’ll ever know.  You are already a good mother….

Unexpected days to us are not unexpected days to God

Because we have been away from our precious church body for two weeks due to vacation, I couldn’t wait to get back to church this morning. The Lord had other plans for me.  Our littlest one woke up with a stomach bug, so I am home caring for her instead.  I have been sitting with her while she sleeps, reading books that would prepare my heart for the day, and one in particular had some wonderful reminders. Gloria Furman stated, “On days like these [difficult ones] we need to remember that each day is like a sigh that is too brief to measure, yet it is chock full of eternal significance.” In all of our trouble and struggle in this life, “because of His love, Jesus invites us to Himself. He says in John 15:9, “As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.””  I am so grateful that Christ loves me.  I am grateful that he gives me full hands with these ‘eternally significant days’.  Vomiting children are not often seen as “eternally significant’, but as this little one has a mama that comforts, cares for, and loves her while she is sick, she is learning about what real love looks like.  Today, my “good work of mothering” entails laundry, sanitizing, mopping, reading stories, holding hair back, getting applesauce, and giving drinks and reassurance.  What is your “good work of mothering today”?  Maybe you don’t have any other children to care for right now and maybe one day you will.  If you are considering adoption, maybe your “good work of mothering” today is to choose a loving and stable family for this baby you are carrying.  You are a mother, just like I am; our tasks just look different in the “good work” we are both called to do. Each work has equal importance and every task has ‘eternal significance.’ Praying for grace and direction for you.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jonathan & Jill

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