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Our Story

He’s a SoCal boy who loves music and is the happiest drummer she’s ever seen on stage. She’s a HongKong + Singapore girl who pours her heart into everything she does, and keeps going and going like a bunny. Together we are citizens of the world building a life full of love, beauty & joy in vibrant San Francisco!

We knew we wanted to adopt even before we married. Aaron’s long-time friend and best man at our wedding was adopted. So was Isabella’s uncle and great grandfather.

We feel an incredible amount of love and gratitude for our work, our marriage, the people around us—for life itself. And we cannot wait to deepen and expand our love with our first child.

Our life is not perfect by any means. But we pull each other up, and focus on the good in our lives—on what gives us joy, lights our souls, and makes our hearts sing. We know that our example will shape our child’s view of the world, and we want them to know that, “When you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.”

(Quote from the incredible, wonderful, and wise Dr. Seuss!)

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home California rocks, we love San Francisco, but Potrero Hill is the best!

We’ve lived in this 2 bed + 2 bath house in Potrero Hill for 10 years, and we love it. Here, our future child can enjoy the best of city living—and then escape to a creative sanctuary to play and learn in bliss.

About Aaron

adoptive family photo - Aaron AT HEART, I’m a drummer and a musician. My mom always had music playing from when I was a baby in the crib, and I started lessons at age 5.

AT WORK, I’m working at my second successful startup. I love helping to build companies that make a difference. The first made music more affordable for kids; the one I’m at currently helps bring new medical therapies to market faster to save more lives.

AT HOME, I’m the entertainer and the fixer. I love hearing the joyous “hubby fix!” that Isabella yells whenever I fix something.

IN ISABELLA'S WORDS: "I love it when Aaron plays guitar before bed. It’s a tenderness that I’ll carry in my heart to my old age. I can’t wait to see him as a papa, singing and playing music to our child, filling him or her with a magic that will stay with them all their life."

About Isabella

adoptive family photo - Isabella AT HEART, I’m a maker and a doer. Drawing, knitting, cooking—I just love the feeling when I touch, smell, see and share what I’ve created.

AT HOME, I nourish our family bliss! From meals to social & cultural affairs, I keep our bodies, hearts and spirits well-fed and inspired. In short, I’m an apprentice part-time at-home mom!

AT WORK, I’m a part-time documentary filmmaker and strategy consultant. I love learning about the world, meeting people and hearing their stories.

IN AARON'S WORDS: “Isabella is the most loving and inspiring person I’ve ever met. She’s incredibly sweet, and lovingly protective of her friends and family. I know she’ll create joy and wonder in our child’s life, and motivate them to live life to its fullest.”

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Aaron + Isabella

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