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Our Story

We met at work over 10 years ago. We were friends for a few years, & as we spent more time together, discovered we both shared the same desires and aspirations in life. Our friendship has remained the strong foundation of our relationship over the years, and we make each other better being together.

Early in our relationship, we talked about adopting a daughter. Pete loves being a dad to his three sons, Zach, Ryan and Jake, from a previous marriage and dreams of the special bonds in a father/daughter relationship. Adoption has always touched Becca’s heart, and from the time she was a teenager, she knew that was how she wanted to become a mother.

Our marriage is very communicative. We discuss everything together, whether it be plans for the week, long-term hopes and dreams, work and family issues or anything on our minds. That is definitely one of our strengths as a couple. We also just have fun together. We enjoy the simple things like watching a show or making dinner together. We also love to travel and build unforgettable memories together that way.

Our life together is exciting and interesting. When the boys are with us every other weekend, we focus on doing activities as a family. Bringing another child into our home will be a blessing for all of us. We can’t wait to include a new baby in all of our family fun.

We are very excited to see how the love develops in each one of the boys for their sister; they all have so much love and care to give. Zach, the oldest, is very intelligent, conversational and reasonable. We can see him truly taking on the protector role with his new sister. Ryan is fun, easy going and likes to just hang out, so he would be a great friend someday as well as a big brother. Jake is the most unique of the three. He’s musically inclined and has a sense of humor, so naturally we all want to be around him as much as possible. Even with our current, well-rounded, blended family, we realize we are missing one very important part – a beautiful daughter.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our time is filled with soccer practices and games, driving lessons, taking our dog, Zura, to the park, spending time with Pete’s parents and brother, going to concerts and plays, going to movies, or making dinners together. We found a home that is in a great, quaint little family town with a ton of restaurants and shopping as well as being convenient to major roadways so we can quickly get to other places – Philadelphia, New York, DC, the beach or the mountains are all close by. For the last two years, we’ve been focusing on making our home a comfortable but fun place to be. Our families and friends love to come visit the pool, outdoor fireplace and kitchen, and the movie theatre.

Our dog Zura joined our family last year as a young puppy who we have all enjoyed watching grow and mature. Each of the boys has a unique relationship with her, and it’s been interesting seeing them help care for her. They’re frequently telling her how much they love her, they keep a watchful eye on her and even clean up after her if necessary. We’re sure more now than ever, they will care and protect a baby sister and it’s exciting imaging how wonderful they’ll be as big brothers.

About Why Pete Loves Becca:

adoptive family photo - Why Pete Loves Becca: I fell in love with Becca almost immediately because here was a beautiful woman that was courageous, focused, adventurous, intelligent, creative, unique and giving. Some of Becca’s strengths are not my strongest characteristics, so we balance each other well and being with her makes me a better person.

I know I love her because she is so intriguing to me. I'm always amazed at how she can see both sides of a story, she can be spontaneous, yet plans out trips and our life together. She knows how to deeply love someone and also how to be a provider to the less fortunate. She's not afraid to travel to new places but still loves the comfort of home and family. Becca constantly surprises me with her knowledge and pushes me to think about things differently

About Why Becca loves Pete

adoptive family photo - Why Becca loves Pete I love Pete for the person he is: attentive, thoughtful, selfless, caretaker, wise, and how deeply he loves. He always takes action when he can help the people he loves. When we first got together, he made the point that my birthday will never go unnoticed just because it's close to Christmas. Every year, he takes me on a special birthday trip to NYC for a show and dinner. That's just one example of many thoughtful things he does throughout the year. He is selfless as he puts others desires and wants before his own; doing things that his boys ask to do without hesitation or consideration of what he might want to do. It is a natural instinct for him to be a caretaker to our families as well as friends in need.

Above all, Pete loves me so much and wants to make my dreams in life a reality. He has already done this in several cases over the 10 years we have known each other, and I can confidently say that he will similarly give our little girl all of these things. I am so excited to share parenting a new baby with him.

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Pete and Becca

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Pete and Becca