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My Story

Becoming a mother someday is all I can dream about. I have always had the tremendous support of family and friends no matter what path I chose for myself. With their love and support, I was able to excel in school and follow my passion. My passion is children. Because of my natural love for children I chose to become a pediatrician. As a doctor in pediatrics, I have been able to dedicate my heart in caring for and watching children grow into happy and healthy adults. And even with all my professional success, there is nothing I long for more than to be a mom. The same heart that I have dedicated for years into helping children is missing a piece for a child to call my own. Adoption is my only hope in making my heart whole. It would be a an honor to dedicate my life and share all that I have worked so hard for with a child.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home I am able to offer your child a taste of everything life has to offer while providing a safe, warm loving home. Your child will be given the best educational opportunities to explore and discover the world around them as well as the emotional, spiritual and financial stability they need to flourish. They will ALWAYS know how much they are loved and have my endless support in whatever path they chose.

I have a home just minutes from the bright lights and cultural delights of New York City and a home with miles of sand for endless sea shell collecting and sand castle building.

My home just outside of New York City is a family focused community. There are beautiful parks for children to play in, along with miles of bike paths, hiking trails stretched around lakes filled with wild life and nature preserves. Your child will explore the world's greatest art and science museums, theaters, gardens and zoos. There is always something exciting and fun to experience! The opportunity to learn and experience the many cultures of our world without leaving home is tremendous. The cultural diversity of the city is celebrated by many street festivals, music and parades through out the year. Not to mention the excitement of the Christmas season, that kicks off the holiday with a tree lighting like no other!

My home by the the ocean will give your child an endless shoreline perfect for catching a wave, splashing about or playing for hours in the sand. I can't wait to shower a child with trips for ice cream after bike riding on the boardwalk before the sunsets for the day. Many beautiful memories to be made.

About Sam

adoptive family photo - Sam I consider myself to have had the American dream growing up. A traditional family life style that I shared with my mother, father, older brother and sister as well as 2 younger brothers. My father always worked hard to provide for our family allowing my Mother to be a stay at home Mom.

I attended public school where my love of art led me to design for school plays, I also loved taking both dance and music lessons. I love being surrounded by family especially because they were always so supportive of my dreams and goals. It is because of their support and that of my friends that I was able to excel in school to follow my passion. I would love to provide that to a child.

My passion is children.....

My passion and support from my family and friends led me to a very rewarding and successful profession in pediatric Hematology/Oncology. Being able to work with and help children is not only a dream come true but PRICELESS!

I strongly feel that children are our future and they are deserving of every possible opportunity that life has to offer. As a Doctor, specializing in pediatrics, helping children and watching them grow is like living a dream come true each day...I can't wait to provide that to a child.

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Hello I Am Sam

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Hello I Am Sam