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Our Story

We met over 14 years ago. Dave just finished college and was on a cross-country trip, when his best friend told him he was getting married. So he headed back to New York City for the wedding where he met Jen. Although Dave caught Jen's eye, he was still groggy from driving all the way across the county. Fortunately, his parents were there and instantly loved Jen. After bugging him about it for a while, he finally asked her out and the rest is history (or our story).

We both love movies (especially good comedy), travel (especially New Orleans), and cooking. But we also like to do our own thing sometimes and have our personal interests and hobbies.

Perhaps most importantly, we like to think that we are pretty easy going, but responsible people. While we have fulfilling careers that we enjoy, we think that life is about more than work and try to find fun and joy wherever we can.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our house is over 100 years old but still in great shape. We lucked out, because the previous owners installed central air, a new kitchen, and a new bathroom right before we bought it. We have three bedrooms and a large, fenced in yard that is great for playing. Our attic has been our play room with space set up with musical instruments and a crafting area. Jen's soap lab is down the basement.

One of things we love most about our home is how close it is to the center of our small town. It's just a short walk to main street with restaurants, a theater, dance and martial arts studios, and an ice cream shop and candy store where local kids love to go. Our town also has a highly rated school system. We are right by a train line that leads into New York City which is great for fun day trips, like baseball games and museum tours. We also like that we can quickly get down to the Jersey Shore from some sun or up to the Catskills for camping and skiing.

About Jen

adoptive family photo - Jen Jen is originally from Chicago. Part of her family is Greek, a side of her family we both connected with when Dave's brother married into a Greek family.

Jen is very crafty. She knits, does wood work, and spends a lot of time making soap products. She started making soap back in college and had so much she started selling it. Now Jen has two bath and body companies and sells a lot of her products at the local farmer's market in town, where we've made many friends. She worked as an attorney for more than ten years before deciding she wanted to focus on skin care full time. Now, she is a Skin Therapist by day, while working on her companies on the side. Aside from being much happier working in skin care, it will also give her more time to spend with the family.

Jen is loyal, smart, and has a strong sense of justice. She stands up for the little guy. She is caring and generous and will make a great mom.

About Dave

adoptive family photo - Dave Dave grew up in New Jersey and has spent most of his life there. He loves music, both going to concerts and making music with friends. He also enjoys reading, gardening, and biking to work.

Dave works at a University helping faculty use instructional technology to teach. He loves working for a college and having a chance to help people on a daily basis.

Dave is pretty easy going. He's generous and great with kids. He's enjoyed being a camp counselor, a driving instructor, and teacher and loves hanging out with his nieces. He's always wanted to be a father and can't wait for the opportunity.

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Jen & Dave

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Jen & Dave