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Doug & Mia
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Adorably Geeky Couple From NY Hoping to Become First-Time Parents

Hello there! We’re Doug and Mia, a married couple from New York, hoping to become first-time parents through private adoption. We're cute, quirky, fun, and unapologetically geeky. We collect LEGOS, quote Star Wars, and enjoy a good "Netflix & chill" from time to time.

We look forward to sharing our love for building, crafting, baking, coding, reading, movie watching, just to name a few, with a child one day. There will be game nights, sing-a-longs, parties, and play-dates with our family & friends. All eagerly waiting to welcome new members into our extended family.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better.

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Who We Are

Our story starts in 2013. We were introduced by a mutual friend via a text that I insisted she didn't send. A spontaneous road trip to China Town for dumplings became our first date. We brought dumplings back to his EMS station that night because they were just that good we had to share.

One year and two days after we were back at the station with more dumplings and the same friends. Doug got down on one knee. I yanked the ring out the box before he could finish asking. Then we called our moms. 

Doug and I are both the youngest of two children in our families. We enjoy spending time with family and friends. Summer barbecues in his mom's backyard. New Year's Eve at his brother's house. Boxing Day dinner with my mom and sister. Every year we drive down to Pennsylvania to have birthday dinner with our friends.

We like to collect and build large LEGO sets. We are currently working on building a full city block. Doug takes all of the bag number ones.  I get all of the twos. I find his missing pieces. Doug fixes my mistakes. We make a good team. 

Together we would offer a home filled with kisses and cuddles. Unconditional love, support, and child-friendly DUPLO blocks. We are just two LEGO lovers eager to add a little one to our family of builders. We have chosen adoption as the piece that fits our family.

Adoption Diary

Merry & Bright - Date Night

I have been spending a lot of my free time lately taking some online classes to brush up on my coding skills for work. Doug thought I needed a break.

The other night he surprised me after dinner with a trip to Jones Beach to see their holiday light show. It didn’t occur to me until we hit a bit of traffic that we were not headed home.

He asked why there was so much traffic.  I responded with, “Oh, it’s probably from the light show at the beach.” About a minute later I followed that up with, “Wait, don’t we live in the opposite direction of the beach?” LOL.

I loved driving around the beach at night and looking at the lights.  The smell of s’mores in the air.  Christmas music  coming from the surround cars.  We were even serenaded by a car full of young children, much to the embarrassment of the driver!

Making Ornaments for the Tree

Head over to our video section. Watch Mia make ornaments for our tree and hear her discuss adding what we love to our tree. https://www.adoptimist.com/user/edit-profile/videos#video85632

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Doug & Mia

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Doug & Mia