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Our Story

We met in 2001 while Rob was stationed at Langley AFB in Virginia. We were married two years later in 2003. That same year, we welcomed our first biological daughter, Mackenzie. Our second daughter, Allyson, arrived two years later in 2005. Rob has been in the Air Force for almost 20 years and Dana has been a stay at home mom since Mackenzie was born. Staying home has allowed her to be involved in the girl's schools as well as their activities.

As a family, we love to travel. Rob's career has aided us in accomplishing that. We have not only lived in another country, but we have been fortunate enough to visit a few as well as traveling all over the United States. Our family can also be found joining us on our many travels.

Hiking is a hobby all four of us have enjoyed for many years and try to venture out every place we travel to. Our current home in Montana has allowed many beautiful hikes. On warm sunny days we can be found working in our garden or building a new project. When the weather turns snowy and cold, we love to go skiing or just hang out inside watching old movies or playing board games.

Mackenzie is our bright, serious 14 year old and loves going to school and involves herself in many school activities such as National Junior Honor Society, track, cross country and swim as well as dancing and golf. She is also involved in her community and volunteers as a junior life guard at our local water park. She recently became involved in Civil Air Patrol as she wants to attend the Air Force Academy after graduating high school.

Allyson is our whimsical, vibrant 11 year old. She has been involved in dance for the past 7 years. Ally loves all kinds of dance but focuses mainly on jazz, tap and ballet. She has been dancing on her tippy toes since she could walk and we don't see her stopping now. Like her sister she also plays golf and will be volunteering this summer as a junior life guard.

Dana was diagnosed with secondary infertility and would not be able to conceive without medical intervention. We felt that instead of pursuing a biological child, adoption was the right fit for our family. Dana has always wanted to adopt from a young as her mother was adopted. Her step father was also adopted and has had a positive experience. They both have taught us a lot and have been very supportive. We also have many friends that have been adopted or have adopted and it has been amazing and inspirational to see families built through adoption. Most have not only grown their family but have made lasting relationships with the birth families as well.

Our life is a crazy, wonderful adventure and we cannot wait to see where we end up next!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in Great Falls, Montana. It's a spacious five bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with a good sized backyard that houses our garden. There are also several parks all over as well as two right behind our house. The kitchen is where we can be found either learning a new meal or just talking about our day. We also utilize the many walking trails that are offered to us as well as the local dog park.

We share our home with our two daughters and two dogs. Stark is an 8 year old Jindo we adopted from a shelter in South Korea. He's a very smart and gentle dog. Noel is our spunky, energetic 1 year old rat terrier. They both can be found joining us not only on our hikes, but our vacations as well.

No matter where the military sends us, it's important that each home is comfortable and filled with love and laughter.

About Robert

adoptive family photo - Robert I was born in England to military parents although they divorced when I was really young. I lived in Maryland for 6 years before moving to Texas. That's where my mom met my step-father. He was a large influence in my life but past away in 2007. My mother has now remarried and still lives in Texas. I have a sister and 3 nephews that live in Washington. I have a large extended family that lives throughout Ohio and Indiana. My job can sometimes move us far from family, but we keep in contact and visit when we can.

Rob through Dana's eyes:

I have been in love with Rob since the moment I met him. He has been my best friend and biggest supporter these past 16 years. Intelligent, sincere and trusting are just a few of his wonderful traits. His sense of humor keeps the four of us laughing and smiling everyday. He is a hard worker and as advanced not only in his career, but his education as well. This past May, Rob graduated from college receiving a Bachelor's in Business. I love watching him with our daughters. Even though his career can send him on trips, he always makes it a priority to put his kids first. Whether its cheering our daughters on over Skype, volunteering to coach their sports teams, or just simply helping them with homework, he's there. I'm grateful I get to wake up everyday and call him my husband.

About Dana

adoptive family photo - Dana I grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My father was in the Navy and my mother stayed at home to raise myself and my younger sister. My parents divorced when I was 15 and my mom moved us to south Florida. We lived there for 2 more years before moving back to Virginia. I am no longer in contact with my biological father but I am close to my mother and step father, both of whom are adopted. I grew up with a very small extended family but my mother has recently reconnected with her birth father and I have now gained a large family that lives in Ohio. We have enjoyed getting to know them and hope to meet them one day.

Dana through Rob's eyes:

I was fortunate to meet the love of my life at a young age. Because of this, I have had the opportunity and privilege to grow with her over the last sixteen years. Dana is very organized and keeps all of us on task no matter how much is going on in our lives; but, she is also incredibly caring and always has our best interests at heart. She also is the planner of the family. When we are about to go on one of our many adventures, it is always Dana that makes sure we are prepared and properly equipped to head out. She also has my complete trust, which is very beneficial to someone such as myself that must travel for work, sometimes for months at a time. Because of this I know that everything is taken care of while I am away and so I don't have to worry as much about home while I'm trying to focus on my job. She is truly my other half and I am thankful everyday that she loves me is with me as my partner in life.

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