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Road Trip Vacay part 2

After our unplanned stop in St. Louis which turned out to be so much fun, we headed on to Kansas City for a day at Worlds of Fun.  And much fun was had.  Turns out we are a family of roller coaster enthusiasts, even/especially CJ who rode every ride at least once and many of them multiple times.  Sadly there aren’t many photos since roller coasters and phones don’t really mix well, at least if you want to keep your phone.  Managed a few pictures of the ride no grown up was going to ride under any circumstance, but mostly Read more »

Road Trip Vacay part 1

Well, we’re racing up on back to school time and night falling earlier and earlier but what a summer it was.  In addition to all the usual summer fun (afternoons at the neighborhood pool, cooking on the grill, and lots of friends), we were able to travel this year.  Our adventure started with our plane being cancelled, so a last Read more »

Pride Day at Citi Field with the Mets and Fathers’ Day

Had an amazing weekend.  We combined our annual family get together (usually on our son’t birthday) with Pride Day at Citi Field!  We went onto the field in a rainbow of shirts for the national anthem.  CJ was surrounded by friends and family and had his name on the big JumboTron!!!!  Fathers’ Day was low key, Read more »

Birthday Weekend

Had a great weekend celebrating our son’s birthday.  I can’t believe he’s already seven!  Saturday was the last baseball game of the season and he had two hits!  Then there were bouncy houses and free hot dogs!  Later on we had a playdate in the backyard with the water slide and great food for dinner.  Read more »

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