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Our Story

We met in 2002 on the Long Island Railroad when Matt worked up the nerve to talk to Larry. We decided to move in together after realizing we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other, a feeling only further cemented when, in 2010, our son was born. Our lives have been filled with joy since he came along. In 2012 we moved into our spacious suburban home. We wanted our kids (plural!) to have a big yard and lots of nearby friends. Once we were able to be married, we did so on October 3, 2013, on our 11-year anniversary.
We are well-respected and very involved in our community of local family and friends. We have a huge support network, starting with Matt's mom (aka Grandma, as ALL the neighborhood kids call her) who lives with us. Larry's entire family lives locally and since he grew up on Long Island, he has a large group of friends and family here as well. In addition Larry is CJ's baseball coach and we help coordinate our annual block party. We love our neighborhood!
After trying unsuccessfully for several years to expand our family through various other means, and being certain that our family is not quite finished, we have now embarked on this new journey. Our home is filled with love and we can’t wait to share that love.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We own a five-bedroom expanded ranch in the beautiful suburbs of Long Island. Inside, the baby's room is all ready and we also have a kids' playroom and fully furnished basement. It is a lovely, comfy and well maintained home with lots of extra room.
Outside, we have a self-maintained and beautifully landscaped property, which includes a vegetable garden. We have a fully enclosed backyard with a large outdoor awning, which is great because we love to entertain and provide a welcoming and warm place for our friends and family to visit.
We live in a very close-knit neighborhood and it is a very safe and friendly place to live. We are walking distance from school and there are so many kids in the neighborhood we can hardly begin to count. We have a beautiful park down the street and TWO public swimming pools nearby. The amenities around the neighborhood seem to be endless.
We are a 40 minute train ride to the City (aka New York City) and love to travel in for a Friday night or weekend adventure!
But if you are looking for a house that is filled with music and laughter, that is our home where you never know when an impromptu dance party might break out!

About Larry (by Matt)

adoptive family photo - Larry (by Matt) The first time I met Larry I knew he was someone I wanted to have in my life. He was kind, smart and knew what he wanted. Now, 15 years later, what he wanted is a reality: a home, filled with family and love.

Larry is never happier than when he is taking care of his family and home, whether that is working a job that he loves, working around the house, or coaching our son’s baseball team. His kindness and compassion are apparent in everything he does, but especially as it relates to our friends, family, and neighbors. Larry is always the first to offer help or support. We call him the mayor of our neighborhood, because he’s never met a stranger. Everyone immediately responds to Larry and becomes his friend.

Larry’s greatest strength is as a dad to our son. Coming from a close knit family with strong values, I love to see him instill those in our son.They also bring out each other’s silly sides and are often heard laughing and giggling together.

Larry has brought so much joy, stability and love into my life. I can’t imagine what things would be like without him. He’s my best friend and confidant. I know he can’t wait to grow our family and give to another child what he’s already given to so many others in his life.

About Matt (by Larry)

adoptive family photo - Matt  (by Larry) From the moment I met Matt fifteen years ago, I knew he was the one. Matt has such an inviting personality and positive outlook on life that people are simply drawn to him. In addition what you learn quickly about Matt is that he is the most honest, reliable and trustworthy individual you will ever come across in your life. He is always there whether it's a shoulder to cry on and in need of a laugh. These are some of the traits that already make him a great dad.

Having grown up in the Midwest, Matt is an outdoorsy kind of guy, who love fly fishing, hiking, gardening and anything involving the mountains.

Matt is always good for lots of laughs with his quick wit and sarcasm, and is quite simply funny and fun to be around. Matt is a comic book geek and loves making balloon animals. He is an avid reader and knitter, loves music and is a "Mr. Fix-It".
Most importantly he loves being a dad to our son.

Matt started as a temporary employee 16 years ago at his ever-changing company and is now a valued Director, which speaks to be reliability, flexibility and commitment to his job. Although he does work summer Fridays at home all year round. :-)

He is the best dad to our son and loves him more than anything in this world. Matt wakes up every day thankful for the life we have created. His love and commitment to our 15 year relationship and to our son is second to none. He has helped make my dreams come true. Matt is my rock! Matt is the best dad and is ready to be a dad again!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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