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Our Story

Gosh, it's so hard to know where to begin in telling you about us and our family! There's just so much we want to share with you! I guess we'll just start with how we met and go from there... Please, if you have any questions along the way, feel free to call or text us anytime: 574-383-9317. We would love to speak with you in person!

Jason and I first met on E-Harmony while we were both living in Chicago. I (Michelle) was completing my training as a Pediatrician and Jason was working downtown. Jason is a lawyer who works in Government Affairs, meaning he helps professional organizations (currently a large doctor's group) to advocate for their needs through influencing government and legislation. I work as a physician for children from newborns through young adults in a large children's teaching hospital. It is so much fun and so fulfilling!

From our second date when Jason arrived to pick me up with his chocolate Labrador, Moosie, in the passenger seat of his truck, we both knew that we had found our soul mates in each other! We dated for about six months, prior to Jason proposing. We both felt "that feeling" that people talk about in knowing with certainty that we were going to be spending the rest of our lives together.

Jason proposed to me at his family’s lake house in Indiana during a beautiful, calm, snowy night after struggling to build the perfect fire in the fireplace. He kept asking me if the fire was "majestic enough". It was pretty funny as he's a very laid back guy, and he was so stressed that night about how the fire was coming along. Finally, I told him, "Yes, it is majestic!" and he got down on one knee and proposed to me. He put the engagement ring in a Notre Dame jacket (my alma mater) - and I was so excited about the jacket, I almost couldn't comprehend that Jason was proposing at the time. We were married soon after in Florida, near my home, with all of our family and friends present at a beautiful church wedding with an ocean-side reception. Since getting married, we have lived together in Chicago, New York City, and now Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C. for the past almost seven years, where we have made our home.

We both come from extremely close and loving families. We have both always known that we wanted to become parents, so we could pass along our traditions, share our experiences and all of our love with our children. However, we soon realized we wouldn't be able to have our own biological children. While that is tough news to handle, and after struggling through unsuccessful fertility treatments for a year, we readily embraced adoption as a means to build our family and share our love. Choosing adoption was an easy choice for us, as we know many people who have adopted or have been adopted. We now dream of the day that we can bring a precious child into our lives and share with them all of the love we have in our hearts.

As you look through our profile pages, please know that we are here for you. We welcome the chance to get to know you and to walk with you on this journey to the extent that you desire. We can't imagine what you must be thinking or feeling right now, but please know that we care, and we hope to have the opportunity to listen to you and to learn from you as well. We are ready to welcome you and your child into our family with so much love, and to support you throughout this process. You are in our hearts and our prayers!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is a beautiful four-story brick home in a vibrant suburb in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. Our house is spacious, cheerful, and very child-friendly. It has lots of sunshine, large windows, bright and cheerful décor, a beautiful kitchen and great room, multiple bedrooms, as well as plenty of space for a playroom. It a new construction home in a historic and charming neighborhood, with plenty of modern safety features and conveniences.

Our city is charming, with plenty of children’s museums, art centers, theater and musical opportunities, scenic parks, and an extensive list of child-friendly activities. There are many excellent private schools nearby and all of the excitement, culture, and history of our Nation’s Capitol right in our back yard.

In our home neighborhood, there are children of all ages. The parents are fantastic and have created a community where children are safe and cared for. Children are always out playing together in the parks and riding bikes along the trails. Also, there are playgrounds on each side of the neighborhood, and a gated and secure pool with a full-time lifeguard. We have frequent neighborhood festivals which the families all enjoy together, outdoor movies under the stars for children and families, community picnics with ice cream truck visits, children's costume parades, sports, and visits from Santa! It truly is a wonderful place for children and families!

We have a large extended family in Indianapolis and Culver, Indiana, as well as many close friends and their families who live locally. We are very close with our family and enjoy visiting them multiple times per year, including over holidays and for extended vacations. We enjoy campfires with s’mores, large family dinners, swimming in or boating on the lake together, playing yard games, crafts, and local town festivals. Many of our closest childhood friends and their families also live in our area, and we enjoy getting together with them weekly and for many holidays. All of our family and friends are extremely supportive of our decision to adopt and are excited to welcome a new child into our family!

We love to celebrate holidays! Christmas is our favorite holiday and we look forward to sharing it with a little one. We enjoy decorating our home for Christmas, baking cookies, visiting friends and family, opening presents, and going to church together. We cherish our Christmas ornaments representing special memories, travels, family, and shared experiences. We enjoy taking a trip to New York City during the Christmas season to see a holiday musical and dance performance. It's such a magical time to be in the city and share in the excitement!

About Michelle (by Jason)

adoptive family photo - Michelle (by Jason) Michelle is energetic and fun, and she loves to help others. She enjoys volunteering with her church and community. She is a good listener, very patient and nurturing, organized, creative, and most of all, fun!

Michelle is imaginative, and loves using her creativity in planning fun activities for her goddaughters and nieces. She always prioritizes her family. Very importantly, she is a loving and nurturing wife, and she will make a wonderful mother who will give a child her unconditional love and support.

Michelle works as a doctor in a large children's hospital, caring for newborns through young adults, where she immediately puts sick children and their families at ease. She also loves teaching and advising medical students. Michelle has very flexible hours and she will be able to spend lots of time at home with a child.

Michelle loves swimming, arts and crafts, riding on bike trails by our house and exploring fun neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. She has a huge love for nature and the ocean which has continued throughout her life. She also values time at home cooking, spending time at home with friends and family, and watching movies. I know she will make a wonderful mother.

About Jason (by Michelle)

adoptive family photo - Jason (by Michelle) What has always impressed me most about Jason is his loving nature, his compassion and empathy for others, and his inner joy. He embraces the world around him with such an acceptance, enthusiasm, and sense of wonder! He has a tremendous sense of humor and a highly creative mind. He always sees the best in others, and helps others to see the best in themselves. He is gentle, patient, funny, and a very dedicated and loving husband. I know he will make an exceptional father.

Whether caring for his five nieces whom he calls multiple times each week or caring for our Labrador Abby - Jason has a heart of gold. Jason grew up the second of three children in central Illinois. Surrounded by farms and woods, he grew up exploring the woods and enjoying camping. Jason similarly hopes to share his love of the outdoors with a child.

Jason is affectionately known by his nieces as “Uncle Boop” because when they were young, he would “boop” them on the nose. Now preteens, they love calling him to talk about school, dances, college ideas, and just daily life. It's so incredible to see just how much love they have for Jason.

As an attorney working in Government Affairs, Jason directs the multi-state efforts of a large physician's group in advocacy in caring for their patients. Jason can work from the office or at home.

When he's not working, Jason spends as much time as possible exploring Washington, D.C. and the surrounding state parks. He loves the mountains, the waterfalls, and especially the bike trails in the area. A real benefit of him being home so much is his cooking and grilling. He’s already talking about child-friendly recipes where children can join the fun! He also enjoys running and long walks through trails and nature parks. I know that Jason will make an amazing father!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jason & Michelle

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