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Dawn aka Supermom-to-be


Dawn aka Supermom-to-be
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To Someone Special,

Hello! I am excited to welcome you into my home, life and family. During this life journey I want to become amazing friends and partners to lead your child into a successful and fulfilled life. I am here for you every step of the way. Your child’s life would be full of amazing experiences and have a supportive network. Your ability to be so completely selfless will complete my life long dream of adoption, my thanks to you begin now and will be given to you forever.

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Who I Am

My life journey began in Pennsylvania. I have a loving family consisting of my Mom, Dad and four siblings. Growing up we were an amazing team and could conquer anything in our path. My mom believed in making your own decisions and sticking to them, this created character in all of us. One unique aspect of my life growing up, that shaped my life path and career, was that I grew up with a sister with intensive special needs. We all loved her and would do anything for her. My parents were amazing in bringing together a community to help raise her. I truly learned the meaning of a great partnership from them and how to overcome life's challenges. Fast forward to my college years and I majored in special education. I taught children with special needs and volunteered with many organizations. Currently my career is dedicated to developing programming for children with special needs and advocating for them and their parents. In going to numerous colleges, living in a few states and finally settling in Ohio ten years ago I have created a network of support not only locally but across the USA. For fun, I show dogs across the country. I have a dedicated group of friends that will help me in any way possible to raise my child. My Mom and siblings are also very excited to grow our amazing family. They cannot wait to teach and grow a little one.
I chose this particular photo of my Mom and me for a reason,
it has great history! As the first born my Mom did not want to miss anything, she scheduled monthly photos for me(I have an amazing baby album!) This particular time I was not wanting another great photo session, unless my mom was holding me. This photo has become a family favorite and I hope to recreate this one day.
I am very open to the child I will bring into my life; one kid or two(or three!), special needs,
young children(non-infants) and any race.

Adoption Diary

Summer fun!

Another great weekend is wrapping up with amazing friends and family! Made lots of food, did projects around the house and just enjoyed the amazing weather. Simple living is so fulfilling.


Someday my little one will graduate! I plan to savor every moment until that day.

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Dawn aka Supermom-to-be

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Dawn aka Supermom-to-be