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Nina & Stan
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Together, we promise to provide a child a life full of laughter, security, opportunities, optimism and travel.

First and foremost we want you to be absolutely comfortable making this decision.
Adoption & non-traditional families are something we are well versed in. We both have adoptions in our families. We know know it is the right way for us to grow our family unit.
Stan and I have a great relationship, we love and respect each other while also being fun loving. We have been together for 11 years, married 5 years ago. From the start, we were inseparable. We love being in each other’s company and spending time together.
We made our home in the US three years ago, moving from London. Stans job as a software engineer is what brought us here but we love it! We are financially stable and we are lucky that Stan’s job allows him the flexibility to vary his work hours and location to support family time.
Nina is now a homemaker. She keeps busy managing the household and maintains a strong social network.
We are in contact on a daily basis with our family and friends all over the world. Nina also runs a social group for other stay at home wives and mothers in the area, and plans fun get-togethers several times a week. She has created a strong group of close friends who have become like family, we call them “Framily”, friends who are family!
We often have "framily" visit from other countries. Nina’s mom visits us at least once a year from the UK and is excited at becoming a Grandmother. We brought Stan’s brother and his family over from South Africa for Christmas last year and had an amazing time. Stan’s niece cannot wait to meet her cousin!
So how do we currently spend our time together? We cook (Nina is a good baker and a great cook!), we go to movies, out for walks, shopping… all the usual stuff. We love getting out of the house and having an adventure but also enjoy staying in and watching a movie. Often, we will go for what we have coined “the MicroPicnic” - we will grab a coffee, go to one of the many parks nearby and have a walk or if it is raining just sit in the car, talk and enjoy the scenery.
Fun is important!
Travel is important to us also! Of course, we don’t limit this to long haul exotic locales, we will often pack up the car and go on a road trip for a day or weekend. We will continue to travel with a child in our family. We believe that travel is a great form of education. Travel has made us very open-minded, tolerant, and respectful of different cultures.
Please know that we will provide a safe, happy, nurturing home for your child. We want to give your child a fantastic childhood with all the opportunities that we can offer. We dream of becoming parents.
We are available to talk through any questions you may have and hope to hear from you.
Thank you,
Nina & Stan

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Who We Are

Stan was born in South Africa and Nina in Canada. We both have family ties to the UK and we both ended up in London. That's where we met!
Stan lived across the street from where Nina worked. From the start, we were inseparable! That was 11 years ago. We got married in a London themed wedding 5 years ago.
We have what we consider to be a great relationship, we understand each other and we genuinely like to spend time together and we make each other laugh (a lot!!).
While in London Nina had a career as a corporate marketer and Stan working as a nurse while studying to become a doctor.
Through a few turns he discovered a passion for technology and left medicine to become a Software Engineer.
We moved to the US three years ago for Stan’s job. He loves his new career. It’s the perfect fit and allows us to spend much more time together.

Adoption Diary


Hi Again! Its been a little while since we posted so we thought we would say Hi again!
We have had a busy but fun few weeks this summer with friends, celebrating birthdays and having fun barbecues and pool parties.
We both love summer and its been unusually warm her in the Pacific Northwest so we have been enjoying it while we can!
We are off on a roadtrip out east tomorrow to get lots of fruit to fill the freezer for the winter! Cant wait!


Hi everyone!
Just getting started on this diary.
So we are homestudy approved (yay!) and now we are looking for a match! Everyone always asks how long it takes… such a simple question yet so hard to answer! We want it to be quick, everyone does. But we also want to find a birth family are comfortable with us and for them to be excited and assured for the life that we can provide.
We know that the right child and family will come along for us, for everyone!
Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed! xx

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Nina & Stan

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