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Our Story

Heather often calls our meeting serendipitous, a twist of fate. We met at a cookout only a few days after Lee relocated to Asheville, NC for a temporary move. We struck up conversation at the cookout and a friendship quickly thereafter. We were both deep in writing projects – Heather working on a book and Lee finishing a dissertation. Our first hangouts were in coffee shops, sitting across from each other with our computers, taking breaks from our work and slowly getting to know each other. We began dating within a few months. A year later we got our first dog. A year after that, we bought our first home together.

We've shared a lot of firsts, but the ones that have meant the most aren’t so obvious. There was the first time we said we’re sorry and grew to be better versions of ourselves, and the first time we did something together that we thought we couldn’t actually do--from ziplining across mountain peaks to starting a business together. Then there were our first big risks, like when Heather made a big career change, and the first times we said to each other, “You made the right choice. I got you.” In 2015, we had another first for us both; we had a wedding celebration with our families and closest friends.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Someone brilliant once said, "Home is where the heart is." Our home reflects who we are and what we love. But what is most important to us is that everyone who comes into our home feels absolutely welcomed. Our home is filled with photographs of family and friends. Heather has an incredible talent for making spaces feel warm and welcoming, so every piece of furniture and artwork has been selected and placed with hospitality in mind.

Our home is in Asheville, NC, where beautiful mountains surround us. We are fortunate to have a number of outdoor porches that provide the perfect spots to enjoy the sounds of the river that runs next to our street. In the summer, the street is filled with the sounds of kids tubing down the river. In the winter, you can find adults and kids sledding down hills throughout the neighborhood.

About Heather

adoptive family photo - Heather Lee on Heather:

Heather is an incredibly special person. Early on in our relationship, I told people that I won the “Asheville Powerball.” Heather is the entire package – kind, loving, smart, funny, talented – and I felt like the lucky jackpot winner. I still feel that way seven years later.

Throughout our relationship, I have watched her support and encourage her students, friends, and family, especially her three nieces. She is deeply invested in people and creating family. If I had to pick one trait that I admire the most, it would have to be her integrity. Heather really is who she says she is. I am excited to see her bring her love, commitment, and compassion to motherhood.

About Lee

adoptive family photo - Lee Heather on Lee:

Lee is an amazing partner--loyal, sweet, thoughtful, and generous. Life with Lee is a pleasure. It doesn't matter if we're painting the house or exploring Disney World for the first time, Lee brings child like wonder and dependability to our life. Lee has helped me thrive in ways I never could have imagine, and I am so grateful that we found one another.

But what makes me excited to parent together is that kids LOVE Lee. From making pretzels with our niece to playing for hours in the ocean with our friends' little ones, Lee brings out the best in children. And kids bring out the best in Lee. Parenting is truly the adventure of a lifetime and one that Lee was made for!

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Heather & Lee

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Heather & Lee