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Dear Birthmother,

We are deeply appreciative that you are taking the time to get to know us. We cannot pretend to understand the journey you are on, but we know the choice of placing your child with a family that feels right is so very important. You are in our thoughts, and we are wishing you peace and comfort as you make this decision.

So grateful for YOU and the gift you are giving to people looking to grow their family through adoption.

All our best,

Heather & Lee

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Heather often calls our meeting serendipitous, a twist of fate. We met at a cookout only a few days after Lee relocated to Asheville, NC for a temporary move. We struck up conversation at the cookout and a friendship quickly thereafter. We were both deep in writing projects – Heather working on a book and Lee finishing a dissertation. Our first hangouts were in coffee shops, sitting across from each other with our computers, taking breaks from our work and slowly getting to know each other. We began dating within a few months. A year later we got our first dog. A year after that, we bought our first home together.

We've shared a lot of firsts, but the ones that have meant the most aren’t so obvious. There was the first time we said we’re sorry and grew to be better versions of ourselves, and the first time we did something together that we thought we couldn’t actually do--from ziplining across mountain peaks to starting a business together. Then there were our first big risks, like when Heather made a big career change, and the first times we said to each other, “You made the right choice. I got you.” In 2015, we had another first for us both; we had a wedding celebration with our families and closest friends.

Adoption Diary

Letter of Support from MBG

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in support of Heather and Lee’s adoption process. I first met
Heather ten years ago through mutual friends. As Heather was a sociology professor and I was a child and family therapist, we shared many similar interests and immediately became close friends. Since Heather and Lee met six years ago, we have shared birthdays, holidays, wedding celebrations, and family get togethers.

Lee and Heather have rich lives—careers, community, family, and a beautiful relationship. I have witnessed them in a variety of settings be very kind, generous, and patient with others within our community. They are very active in their church and as community volunteers, yet they live wonderfully balanced lifestyles. We’ve shared countless hikes with our dogs. We’ve traveled together, including a trip that Heather took to visit me while I was living in Geneva, Switzerland.

What I know to be true is that Heather is fun loving and authentic. Lee is kind and gentle, and they will bring these qualities to their parenting. I have also observed them interact in nurturing and positive ways with babies, children, and adolescents in a variety of settings. Heather is deeply involved in the lives of her nieces, and I have appreciated seeing their special connection when they have visited. Lee is a favorite among our friends’ children. I trust them to care for my own son, Henry, and I don’t think there is any more positive endorsement of someone’s parenting potential than that.

As a child and family therapist and a mother myself, I have no hesitation recommending Heather and Lee as adoptive parents. They are both genuinely, wonderful people. They have created a warm and loving home, and they are also both fortunate enough to be working in stable careers. In short, they have lives that will allow them to seamlessly support a child. Finally, they have friends and family near and far to add to the endless network of support.

I am thrilled about Heather and Lee becoming parents, and I am excited to be welcoming a new little one into our circle.


Letter of Support from SJG

To Whom It May Concern:

I was overjoyed when I learned that my friends Heather and Lee were planning to adopt a child, and honored when they asked me to write this letter for them. I am sure people are prone to exaggeration when writing letters of reference for people they care about, but in all honesty they are two of my favorite people and I have no doubts about their ability to be good parents.

Heather is one of the kindest, most supportive and loving people I have ever know, and I count her among my closest friends. Having her in my life is a gift.

When Heather started dating Lee about six years ago, I was thrilled for her because Lee is not only funny and brilliant and fun to be around; Lee is also kind and caring and loves Heather dearly. It was a great honor when they asked me to speak at their wedding and I could not have imagined a better partner for Heather to spend her life with.

I can see what kind of parents they will be because I know what kind of friends they are. Loving. Patient. Thoughtful. Honest - even when it hurts, but never with the intention of being hurtful. Supportive – but always with a dose of realism and the recognition that sometimes a person must fall down a couple of times before they are ready to get up. As ready to celebrate your good times with you as they are to sit with you during your darkest moments. I have many friends who are parents, and good parents at that. But Heather and Lee are the couple that I would ask to be godparents if I had children of my own, and the ones I would ask to step in if something happened to me. I cannot speak highly enough of them individually and as a family.

I am thrilled at the prospect of Heather and Lee growing their family, and am selfishly looking forward to having the opportunity to be a part of their future child’s life. I know that they will face the challenges of parenting with the same good humor and positive outlook they bring to all aspects of their life, and cannot wait to see two of my absolute favorite people become parents.


Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Heather & Lee

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