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Jason & Gina
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Your baby will grow up knowing and celebrating his or her own story-a story of courage and love that started with you.

Dear friend,

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to look at our photos and hopefully you’re getting to know a little more about us. We're a family of three - our only son is now 8 years old - and we couldn't be more excited to learn more about you. Ask us whatever questions you may have. Look through the pictures and see us in real life. We love to play, to be outdoors, to be with cousins and aunts and uncles, to grill out with friends, and to get things done.

If you're reading this, then it means you're considering the possibility of making an adoption plan. We can only imagine what a tough decision that is, but also a truly selfless one. We want you to feel supported in your decision, to have plenty of time to plan your and your baby's future, and to have the unpressured opportunity to love your child as only you know how.

In a few short weeks or months, your pregnancy will end by giving life. No doubt the birth will be something you'll never forget. We want you to know more than anything that we're praying for health and strength for both of you. That your heart and body are blessed with peace and wholeness.

You're blessed because you're a mama. You’re a mama right now, already making big decisions for your yet to be born baby. And if one of those decisions should result in a blessing coming to our family, then know that your baby will grow up knowing and celebrating his or her own story-a story of courage and love that started with their birth mama.

God bless,

Jason and Gina

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Who We Are

We first met in 2007 when Jason was the director of a summer camp, through a mutual friend that worked for him (secretly trying to set us up). We reconnected several years later through the same friends at a summer pool party. After almost 4 years of marriage, Jason finishing law school, Gina transitioning to stay-at-home mom, and a cross-state move, we’re excited to grow our family.
Our son is 8 years old and attends a school across the street from our home where he just finished second grade and is loving every minute of summer break. He’s a happy-go-lucky kid, loves baseball, music, all things superhero, and Friday family movie night is his favorite.
Jason was a full-time youth pastor immediately out of college for nearly 11 years. He went back to law school and now works as a staff attorney in Georgia’s court system. Gina worked as a legal assistant at a private firm for over ten years but now is really enjoying being able to walk our son home from school every day.
We love being together just the three of us and our crazy dog, Reep, but also spend a lot of weekends with our families exploring the mountains here in North Georgia and all of the great parks in this area. We’ve gotten in some great camping trips the last few years with some pretty hilarious memories.
We have a great church we attend about a mile from our home where Gina has gotten the opportunity to work in the children’s program and Jason teaches a Sunday School class. Becoming a part of our small-town has been a fun experience as we see familiar faces most places we go and town events, whether a concert or an art festival, seem to bring a great crowd.

Adoption Diary

Summer Baseball

Our whole family enjoys watching baseball.  We spend a lot of summer nights playing in the back yard with our son and chasing our dog who pretty often steals the ball and makes a game out of having us chase him. On Father’s Day weekend we enjoyed a major league game with Gina’s parents and also spent Sunday evening playing baseball in the backyard. Somehow we always lose and our son’s team always wins:) Love these summer nights!

Puppy Love

Our dog, Reepacheep, “Reep” for short, is named after our son’s favorite character in the books Chronicles of Narnia. He has been an adventure since the day we got him from the humane society! After being away from us for a week, he has stuck to us like glue everywhere we go. Our son would like to tell a little about our beloved, crazy dog:

“My dog is silly, fun and hysterical. He chases me when I run. He is very cute. My dog chases his tail, and he walks to school with me.”

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jason & Gina

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Jason & Gina