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To Someone Special,

Being parents is something we have dreamed of our entire lives. Never would we have expected to go through infertility and struggle with something that comes so natural to others. Because of this, we are so grateful that there are multiple ways of creating a family! We have always seen adoption as a wonderful option.

We are strong believers that God has a plan for all of us. Our plan might be a little different from what we had thought, but nothing brings us more joy than knowing that we will someday hold a sweet baby in our arms that we can call ours!

Tyler is an amazing man. Yes, he can be stubborn and yes, at times, hard headed. However, he has a heart the size of an elephant.He loves deeper than most people know possible. That's what will make him a wonderful father. His children will always know that they are loved. Yet, he will provide guidelines and structure that all children need. He is remarkable at breaking down a task and using it as a teaching moment, explaining things in a simple and effective manner. I can't wait to watch him using those skills with our children.

Tyler works as a project controller for a scaffolding company. He loves his job and enjoys going to work. Providing for his family is very important to him. He loves the idea of living a cowboy life style and has a dream of owning acres of land with a big red barn and a modest home. He's honest, Kind, and trustworthy. He loves being a part of any sport activity and would enjoy the simple pleasure of teaching his children how to throw a ball. His need to be a father comes from the deepest part of his soul. Any child would be lucky to have him as a dad! - Chelsea

Chelsea is by far the most loving person that I know. She always puts others before herself. She is a motivator and an up-lifter in everything that she does.Her faith is strong even when it feels like everything is against her. Her hope is contagious, her sweet spirit is intoxicating.

For all of Chelsea's life, she has dreamed of becoming a mother. She will be loved by all of her children. She will demand respect but will teach in a loving way. She will give wise guidance to our children and will take the time to seek teaching moments. She will cry when our children cry, laugh when our children laugh, and she will reap success when our children succeed. Chelsea will be a great mother and will love her children wholeheartedly. Her children will look to her for advise and they will feel her support, even if they don't want to agree with it at that time. She is honest in all her dealings. Chelsea stands out in a crowd because she radiates kindness and true love. -Tyler

We have been married for six years and have no idea where the time went. To say our 6 years have been an adventure would be an understatement! Right after college, Tyler started working for his current company. Little did we know that we would move across the country-multiple times! We moved to Iowa, Montana twice, Wyoming, Utah and finally landed in Washington.We saw so many parts of the country that we hadn't thought of. We've met so many wonderful people and have been able to keep in touch with most of them. We love Washington and think that it's an amazing place to raise children. There are so many different places to see and explore. We are in the process of purchasing a home that sits in a wonderful school district and is 5 minutes from the ocean.

We live simple but very blessed lives. Our families are supportive, loving, and looking forward to bring another baby into the family. We are so grateful that you were willing to look at our profile. We hope that, no matter what, you will be able to make the best decision for YOU and your baby. We pray for you, we love you, and we hope that you can have comfort in any decision you might make. We would love to be apart of YOUR birth plan!

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Tyler and I knew each other in high school, but at that point in our lives, neither of us would've dated each other. After high school, Tyler played baseball for Dixie State University, and then went to serve a 2 yr. mission for our church in Paraguay. I graduated high school and attended Dixie State University as well. We ended up going to the same church building. Tyler would always "flirt" with one of my friends that I was always with (he claims he wasn't flirting with her but just knew her better). He would always say to me, "guess I will see you around!" It drove me CRAZY!

Eventually, I moved out of that church building. Shorty after, I received a Facebook message from Tyler basically asking me out. I was with my cousin, and he said there was no way in heck that I should go out with Ty. "The guy doesn't even have the guts to ask you out in person!!" I ignored my cousin because I knew there was something Special with Tyler. Plus he was really cute!

After Tyler's mission for our church, he was a little awkward and had definitely been out of the game for awhile. He fell fast for me. I remember the first time he told me that he loved me... I knew I really liked him, but I wouldn't have called it Love. All I could say back was, "Thanks!" He was so understanding and told me that it's ok not to say it back, that he's not worried , and that he could wait patiently for that day.

Well, the day came, and I fell in love with him. Shortly after, Tyler came over to my house around 2am and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes!

From the day we got married to now, there has been so many things that happened. We both attended and graduated from college, I got my cosmetology license, we've moved to 5 different states, Tyler's received many promotions in his job, we struggled with infertility (IUI's, Invetro, all of that fun stuff), became foster parents, bought our first house, cried together, laughed together, but most importantly, grew together.

We love our foster babies, and love being able to see their family slowly being able to be reunified.

We love being outdoors, going to movies, going out to eat, shopping (Chelsea), but mostly we like being at home and enjoy being able to relax!

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Tyler & Chelsea

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