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Our Story

Jared will say that he saw Gretchen at the beginning of his senior year at the beach amidst a bunch of their friends. Gretchen would say that she had her eye on him THE YEAR BEFORE, but clearly he wasn’t getting the hint! Regardless of who, where or when….something stuck all those years ago and we have been together ever since. You might say it was fate since unbeknownst to us; our mothers grew up a few miles from each other in Stamford CT and went to the same high school. In fact, Jared’s aunt and Gretchen’s mom graduated in the same class.

Fast forward past numerous rental apartments in Boston and the surrounding area, a marriage proposal in Paris, surfing in Costa Rica, a drive across South Africa, a 2006 wedding in Block Island, career highs and lows, an MBA for Jared, plus many other trips, laughs, friends, and family get-togethers and you will find us settled into our “forever house” in Barrington RI. All of our years together helped us get through a tough pregnancy in 2012 and the premature birth of our son Rob. Four years later, Rob is a healthy active little guy, and we would love to complete our little family with another child.


Gretchen works as a Financial Advisor, and co manages a team with another mom. Needless to say, work life balance is the number one for both Gretchen and her work partner! She doesn’t really have a boss, so flexibility is key and allows her to make school plays, parent teacher conferences, soccer practice, and stay home at the first sign of a cough or sniffle.

Jared is a close second with his work flexibility. He runs a team at one of the larger banks in the country and is blessed with a corporate culture that emphasis working from home and generous vacation.


Fresh Air Fun:
Making Sandcastles
Family Walks with the Dog
Making Snowmen
Riding bikes/scooters/anything with wheels
We love to get outside A LOT

Quiet Time:
Working on the House
Playing with cars/trains/blocks/magnatiles/anything!
Family Movie Night
Playing Board games
Reading the paper



Jared doesn’t eat dessert!

Crazy, I know. Gretchen would it eat it every day, as long as it was chocolate!

Room in our Home:

Great Room aka Pool Room, when we moved in there was an Indoor pool in it! We filled it in because it was basically in our kitchen!


Being outside, together!


We are super dog people!

Sports Team:

Jared is a Washington Redskins fan…but he is converting to the good side, GO PATS!

Place to take a Child:

Our house in Maine or any beach in the whole world!

Time of Year:

We both agree, Summer!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Barrington became our home in 2011, although Gretchen could say that it’s been her home since1979! Our love of the ocean drew us to our current, and hopefully forever, home plus the best school system in Rhode Island doesn’t hurt! IT IS ONE BLOCK FROM THEBEACH WITH A GREAT OCEAN VIEW. Both of us wish we grew up in such a neat, kid friendly house. It has wide-open spaces to come together as a family, but also cozy nooks to read quietly. We recently turned one downstairs room into a kids art space for painting and drawing and all things creative. The third floor is a teenagers dream, with big sectional couch and TV and the neatest pool table ever. Since we are such an outdoor family, we are out in the yard the second it gets warm. We have about an acre of yard with a garden and swing set to enjoy, and walking

Our Dog: Meet FiFi, Aka Fiona

Jared and I have always had dogs, in fact we have rescued4 in the past few years and FIFI (FIONA) IS OUR FIFTH. She is an amazing 55 pound lap dog that loves a good cuddle. Our number one fan, she is always there with a tail wag and some drool and sometimes when we are walking as a family and split up to go separate ways before regrouping at home, she waits (or refuses to even walk!) until she can see us all again. We love to take her for walks on the beach or romps in the snow, but at the end of every day, she climb up on the couch in the den and snuggles. In England, pitbulls were called the “nanny dog” and she is certainly trying to win the award for Best “Nanny” Dog. She keeps watch over our whole family and has enough love for everyone.

About All About Gretchen (by Jared)

adoptive family photo - All About Gretchen (by Jared) GRETCHEN MAKES ME ABETTER PERSON. She is strong, and not just because she is in good shape. She is strong in a way that I am not. She is dedicated. When she puts her mind to something, it happens. Shies confident, yet self-deprecating. She has an infectious laughter that makes me giddy. She is more introverted and thoughtful than I am, and that provides a great balance. I don’t always look before I leap, but she makes sure there’s a safe landing spot. She keeps our family on track, whether it’s planning the next vacation, or planning a great place for Sunday breakfast. Gretchen is someone who spends more time thinking about others than she does thinking about herself. She’s smart, but not just because she’s good at math. She understands what makes people tick, and what people need. When Rob spent almost 2 months in the hospital, I saw her rise to the challenge, even though she was exhausted. When we first met, a long, long time ago, I never could have imagined that she would become the person she is today. AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER TO BE HER HUSBAND. We’ve been to amazing places together, on crazy journeys, and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

About All About Jared (by Gretchen)

adoptive family photo - All About Jared (by Gretchen) THE PERFECT YIN TO MY YANG. It sounds so cliché, but 10+ years of marriage and 16+ years together have proven that being married to my best friend is the more than I could ask for. Of course there is the romantic comedy piece of finishing each other’s sentences and knowing what to order at a restaurant for each other…but beyond that, there is nothing I wouldn’t tell him, nothing that I couldn’t ask for help on and no one I would rather call my partner in raising our family with. I KNEW HE WAS A “KEEPER” after many moves in Boston after college, and I knew he was a keeper after purchasing our first home and fixing it up together, weekend after weekend. I knew he was a keeper after our first rescue dog fell very ill and we visited him in the vet’s office after work, worried that we couldn’t help him anymore. I knew he was keeper after driving for hours after visiting family in NY and being caught in a snow storm at midnight trying to get home. I knew he was a keeper after many trips to foreign countries navigating signs in other languages and driving on the wrong side of the road. But after a very difficult pregnancy, I really knew he was a keeper when our son was born prematurely and we worked as a team for months while he was in the NICU. On my hardest days, Jared was my beacon and rock all in one, staying strong but loving through the whole ideal. I want no one else in my corner on the best days but most importantly on the worst, and I know that he will lead our family through joy and tears for years to come.

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Gretchen and Jared

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Gretchen and Jared