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Kevin and Alexis


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Our Story

Whew!!! This is a "funish" story! Kevin and I met through a mutual friend.....a very unlikely friend that God placed there for the sole reason of bringing us together. This friend worked with Kevin at Guitar Center during a summer and connected us. The first time I met Kevin face to face was October 22, 2002. I met him at Guitar Center, where he was working, and walked out of there telling my friend that I was going to marry him. On December 23, 2002, almost exactly 2 months later, we were ENGAGED!!!! We were married 8 months later in August of 2003.

Our Home

Our home is an environment filled with messy rooms, dishes in the sink, laundry never completely caught up, days where we don't get out of our PJs, intense Uno games and movie nights. We love hard, live fully and laugh A LOT!!! We will love your little one with everything we have!

About Kevin Hall

adoptive family photo - Kevin Hall Kevin is a very passionate and all or nothing type of person. He grew up in the city of Indianapolis going to baseball games, Colts games and traveling. He is an only child. He LOVES playing guitar and has a creative mind. He is an out of the box thinker but not in a weird way :)

About Alexis Hall

adoptive family photo - Alexis Hall Alexis grew up as Alexis Jones in a small southern Indiana town where she was one of 3 siblings. Her parents were business owners. She spent summers working for her Dad at their car business or working the watermelon and corn fields. She was very athletic and loved dance and soccer. She went on to play professional soccer at a young age. She is such a giving and compassionate person who loves life to the fullest.

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Kevin and Alexis

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Kevin and Alexis