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Debbie and Chris


About Us

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Our Story

We met in high school. Chris was a senior and I was a junior. We went to each other's proms. We dated all though college and married in 2005. We moved a few miles from where we grew up, and most of our family lives close to us. We have a seven year old son who is very excited to become a big brother.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have owned our one home for 9 years. Our home is a 4 bedroom Dutch Colonial with a large living room, adjoining playroom. We also have a workout room.

Our yard is a large and completely fenced.

About Debbie

adoptive family photo - Debbie I am calm, outgoing and funny! Calm because I am able to roll with situations and remain level headed at all times. Outgoing because I love to talk, laugh and be with other people. Funny because I love to joke around and be funny. Life is about what you make of it, so I believe laughter and humor is a big part of every day life. I have a Bacholor degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in music performance and Sociology. Currently I am a stay at home mom.

About Chris

adoptive family photo - Chris I am a Hard Worker, Fun and Caring. As a full time electrician, I am not only a hard worker at work, but I work on and around my house. I like to have fun! I'm down to try just about anything fun. Caring because Im always there for help the people I love with whatever they need.

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Debbie and Chris

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Debbie and Chris