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Our Story

We met in 2009 at Buffalo Days. It is a annual festival in Kim's hometown.We had both been to this festival many times but never crossed paths until fate, or shall we say great friends intervened. Kim's childhood friend since preschool and her husband set up for Steve to be at Buffalo Days to meet them the same time Kim was meeting them. The rest is history. We were married in November of 2010. We began on our journey of starting to have a family a few months into our marriage. We both knew we wanted a family from the start. We experienced four miscarriages along that path of our journey to having a family. After many meetings with many specialists and lots of prodding and poking and tears we came to accept that biological children were not in our future. We did a lot of soul searching and our hearts were led to adoption to build our family. Throughout our losses and soul searching we have been able to strengthen our marriage and commitment to each other as well as our future family. We both enjoy our careers, friends, family, and are committed to our community. We hope to grow our family to two children through adoption. We will raise your child to have faith, go to church, and when they are old enough to decide to choose their own spiritual path. We will encourage education and make this a priority. We will make sure your child is exposed to many activities to find their gifts and talents. We will make sure your child is surrounded by family, friends and lots of love. We are committed to our marriage and showing a loving relationship and working through hardships in life together. We are a family who eats breakfast and dinner together pretty much every night. We enjoy projects and working on our home as well as community projects together. We both enjoy the Chicago Bears, even when times are tough for the team. We enjoy being outdoors and last minute day trips to explore our area as well as get time together. We both value our families and friends and are blessed with having great ones close by.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a two story Victorian home. We live in a very family friendly neighborhood. There are a lot of kids of all different ages. We live walking distance to two different elementary schools as well as two local parks and the local pool. Steve farms with his family and there are opportunities to enjoy rural life as well. Kim's family still lives in the country on the farm she grew up in. Our home is two stories. We have three bedrooms upstairs. The nursery has been ready and we enjoy picking up more items for that most special room along the way. Our town has several nice parks and two smaller lakes. There are lots of opportunities for outdoor fun and play. We have a front porch that we enjoy sitting and watching the world go by when we get a chance as well as a great place to catch up with the neighbors. Our back yard has room for a swing set in the future as well as a garden.

About Steve

adoptive family photo - Steve Steve grew up in the town we currently live in. Steve is a carpenter and owns his own business. Steve works with his dad. Steve takes a lot of pride in his work and is a very hard worker. Steve also farms with his dad. He balances his work with taking time to work on our own home as well as community activities. He is president of the Garden Club and takes pride in his hometown. He is always seeing new ways to improve the community. Steve's parents live in town and have been married over 40 years. His brother and his family lives close by as well. Steve's family has frequent Sunday night dinners to keep connected. Steve's family has a birthday dinner tradition also where you get to pick the restaurant of your choice for a family birthday dinner. Steve is a gifted woodworker and makes Kim and family beautiful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and anniversary's. Steve is a talented baker and enjoys baking cakes, cookies, and treats for others. Steve is kind, has a good sense of humor, and is very caring. He is quick to help others and put others first. He is great with kids and loves playing with his nieces and nephew. Steve is patient and a good teacher. He will be a great dad.

About Kim

adoptive family photo - Kim Kim grew up in a very small town in a rural area. She grew up on a farm. Her parents have also been married over 40 years and live in the same house Kim grew up in. Kim is the oldest of three kids. She has a younger brother and sister. Both siblings live close by. Her brother is married with four children. Her sister lives in a nearby town and LOVES being and aunt to her brother's children. Kim is very close to her nieces and nephew. Kim loves being outdoors, being active, and spending time with her friends and family. Kim also enjoys keeping up the yard and gardening. Kim is active in her church and also in the Garden Club. Kim's family own a small vacation home near a lake and a pool. Kim works as a social worker in the VA healthcare system. Kim works as a therapist with veterans and their families and also in the home care program. She loves helping people build better lives for themselves and giving back to those who served their country. Kim loves children and volunteers to babysit and teaches vacation Bible School in the summer to get her "kid fixes" in. Kim is described as caring and patient by friends. She has a strong faith that gets her through tough times and she will pass this faith onto her children. She is a good communicator, negotiator and listener and will bring this to her parenting style as well. She loves to also play and keep things fun.

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Steve and Kim

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Steve and Kim