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Our Story

We met each other over 20 years ago in New York City when both making our Broadway debuts dancing in the ensemble of a Broadway Show. Sergio is from Cali Colombia and Jack is from the U.S. We speak both English and Spanish in our home.
We were best friends for a year, until we recognized that we were totally in love!
We’ve each gone on to perform in a number of Broadway shows, and continue to have successful careers in Theatre, T.V. and Film. In a business that has its ups and downs, the one consistent thing we’ve always had is our love for one another.
Music, Dance and theatre are a huge part of our lives and continue to bring us much joy.
We married in October of 2011.

When we first got together, we knew we would eventually have a family.
It was simply a matter of when.
Sergio is now a choreographer and Jack is an actor. Our love for each other and our passion for our careers, has bonded us together for life.
Now that we are well established, it's time for our family to grow. We have a solid foundation of commitment, and an enormous amount of love to give. We want to share the love, passion and devotion we have towards each other, with a special child.

We lived in Los Angeles for many years and that home was like a little paradise. Our favorite day was Sunday. We both love the feeling of community that Church brings, and after Sunday services, we would host all of our friends and their children to BBQ and swim in our pool.
We became Uncle Jack and Uncle Sergio to the children of our friends.
Now that we are back on the East Coast again, we’ve remained very close to our West Coast family and see them quite often.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in New York City and our home is a little slice of heaven!
We are on the top floor and have loads of indoor space a beautiful outdoor terrace. We have views of the Empire State Building on one side, and One World Trade Center on the other.
There are loads of kids in the building and even kindergarten on the ground floor!
The building hosts all kinds of holiday parties for the tenants. Our favorite is Halloween because we get to see all the kids in their costumes!
Your baby will have their own room with big windows and a skylight and a huge closet. The perfect space to personalize as they grow up.
Our neighborhood is within a four-block radius of Madison Square Park and Union Square to the east, and The Highline and Chelsea Piers to the west.
Chelsea Piers is home to a super fun play ground as well as a water park. They offer classes everything from golf to gymnastics to swimming and skating. One of our favorite activities is to bike along the Hudson from Chelsea Piers all the way up to The George Washington bridge. It’s so beautiful!
Union Square is home to a farmer’s market that is filled with fresh food from all over the state. There is a fantastic playground filled with kids of all ages, going down slides and climbing over the jungle gym.
Madison Square Park is filled with green space and is home to the Lego Store and the Math Museum. We can’t wait to share it all with a little one!


adoptive family photo - SERGIO by Jack

Sergio is my heart. He is the person that makes me feel safe. He is the one person that makes me believe all my dreams are possible. When we are together, he makes me happy.
Sergio was a fantastic student in school and has strong values. His parents instilled a great deal of confidence in him and he is able to do the same with others. Sergio is an extremely hard worker with laser focus and well developed concentration.
He loves his family. Sergio is an immigrant who moved from Cali Columbia to Toronto with his parents and siblings and then to the U.S. on his own. They didn't speak a word of English when they migrated north so the family developed a strong bond that lasts to this day.
Watching him with his nieces and nephews I can see what an amazing dad he's going to be! He is so patient and loving with them, and is always there to offer some guidance and support.
Sergio is very gentile and kind and he has a calming energy about him. We balance each other off extremely well.
Sergio is the greatest gift I have ever known. His generosity knows no boundaries and he is going to be the greatest father a child could ever hope for.

About JACK

adoptive family photo - JACK by Sergio

Jack is the kindest and most loyal person I know. He is a very charismatic, has a huge personality and a very good sense of humor.
Jack learned some wonderful traits and qualities from his parents. Some would say he is just like his dad who was the life of the party who lights up a room when he walks in.
Similarly, like his mom, he loves to make a home; the coziest and safest place in our lives. He is a "nester"
He never stops surprising me, sometimes I will wake-up on a Sunday morning to a lavish and delicious breakfast of banana-chocolate pancakes, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and fruit salad, and sometimes I'll wake up and he's already off on a bike ride. Me ... I like my 8 hours of sleep!
Jack's a favorite uncle amongst our nieces and nephews. When I see him playing with our great-nieces and nephews I know he will be the most amazing dad.
I know Jack will be a very devoted and loving father and will always make sure that our child is surrounded by love and happiness. He has a strong sense of faith and religion and would teach our children those same values.

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Jack & Sergio

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