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Adam and Tiffany


Adam and Tiffany
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Young, fun, active, family looking to expand.

We are so excited to adopt and welcome your child into our family and home. We may never truly understand how difficult this decision is for you, but we thank you and admire the courage you have for making this decision. Having a large diverse family and Hayden having multiple parents, we know how important your role is in your child's development. We are open to as much or as little communication as you would like now or later. Please know that in your presence and absence, your child will be cared for and loved deeply. They will receive love, attention, faith, and support from our loving family and friends, first and always from us. We will always speak of you with respect and admiration.

Our life has been a great adventure and we pray it will be blessed with another child to care for and love. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for considering us as you make your decision.

- Tiffany, Adam and Hayden

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Who We Are

Dear Birth Mom,
Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your child; and allowing us to share a little bit about ourselves with you. This is our first experience with the adoption process. We are overjoyed to adopt! We have considered adoption for a while now. And we are very eager to grow our family with your help! At this time in our life, we are ready to begin this special journey toward adopting a child.
We have been together for about 8yrs now and have been married for 3. Tiffany has one son named Hayden, from a past relationship. He likes to call me Dadam (Dad + Adam = Dadam). When we first got together Hayden was 2 years old and now he’s going on 11 crazy how time flies by. We also have 2 dogs, 1 Labradoodle that thinks she’s a lap dog, and 1 Chihuahua who like a barking cat (but don’t tell Tiff). Both dogs are very loving and friendly, who affectionately play with kids.
We are one very stable, active, fun, athletic and healthy family that love going on vacations or being homebodies kind of polar opposites lol. We also love hosting family events and dinners at our house. In the summer you can always find us out in the backyard playing sports and outdoor games with family and friends. Or out on the lake on the boat, teaching the kids how to wakeboard and Jet Ski or just swimming around. In the winter you can find us playing in the snow on the mountain or inside watching movies with hot cocoa in our hands besides a nice warm fire. During all the sports seasons you will see us coaching and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, cheering on Hayden as well as our niece and nephews. If they’re not playing sports, were watching them! All Seattle all the way! We bleed Blue and Green as they say! ;)
As far as our family goes we come from two very different backgrounds, and that’s what gives us the best of both worlds. Tiffany comes from a very small family with just her Grandma and her aunt, uncle and two cousins. Unfortunately Tiffany lost her mom, dad, and stepdad all around the sometime at a very young age. On the upside she and I are very close with Hayden’s paternal grandmothers’ family, we vacation together every year and see each other once a week at Hayden’s sporting events! Hayden has a huge family! He is very lucky and we are fortunate to be so close to his/our extended family. Tiffany actually just recently met her half-sister about a year ago after 30 years. Crazy right? Even though 30 years have passed her family is our family. We get together for dinners all the time with the kids. On the other hand Adam comes from a little larger family with 2 brothers and 1 sister, his parents are stilled married and have a huge family that mostly lives in L.A. Life wasn’t all that great growing up for Adam either. There were many up’s and downs throughout our lives but we both made it to the top! One major thing Tiffany and I do have besides each other is an extremely supportive family as well friends who are also excited to join us on our journey to adopt.
We both have stable careers and are financially able to provide for a family. Tiffany works for the City Recreational Center, talk about wanting to go to work with your mom! I work as a Juvenile Detention Corrections Officer do NOT go to work with dad! LOL! We have both made adjustments in our jobs to accommodate a new baby into our family and lives. We feel we have much more to offer another child. And we are ready to adopt!
We are both very connected in our local community and our Christian faith. We know that God has a plan for all of us and maybe this letter will bring us all together. If it was meant to be that we could not conceive a child naturally, then it means that our love is to be shared with a child such as yours. We are ready to welcome you into our lives as much as you are comfortable with. We wish you the best in your quest to make a great decision that will result in a warm and loving home for your baby. We share the same objective; and that is to have your child become part of a happy and healthy family who can immediately provide the caring and loving environment that he or she deserves.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. May you have faith, confidence and courage in this very difficult decision.

Adam & Tiffany

Adoption Diary

Living in the moment!

Wow what a day!!! Family’s first 5K together/ ever and it was a blast. Today we stepped out of our bubble and did we. We actually stepped into many other bubbles in our 5K Bubble Run. It was a blast watching how big all the kids smiles were around us even Hayden’s. Watching Hayden guide some kids through the bubble because there were so many was awesome. He’s always looking out for others first. :) Tiffany, MI MI ( that’s what Hayden calls grandma) and myself had a great time as well all deck out in bubble run gear. ( Thanks to Tiffany for making sure every part of our body had something to do with the run even this silly tattoo on my arm.) Cant wait till the next 5K we do with our new jogging stroller.

After the Bubble Run Hayden had his first football game which we won with myself and 3 other coaches.Hayden did a great job today! unfortunately he didn’t play as much as all of us wanted him to. We would’ve played him much more but he has yet to earn it. It was hard for me today to sit there and have Hayden on the sideline for as long as he was. I had to have that Father/ Coach talk with him today. Explain why we didn’t have him on the field much compared to others and its OK to be mad/ sad about not playing a lot. Just because I’am dad and coach doesn’t mean that anything will be given to you on the field. I told him you have to go out and get it. You give me 100% everyday and we’ll make sure you’ll never leave the field like you did today. As much as he wanted to be mad he understood and it was an eye opener. Hayden told me don’t worry things will change, so I will keep you updated on that.

Other then that small hiccup today was a great day all around for us. Can’t wait till the day I can coach another little one in whatever sport they plan on doing whether it soccer, basketball or volleyball ect. To me there’s no better feeling being able to walk, run, jump, fight with your kid till the end. Watching them come out on top whether it is a school thing or a sport thing. Seeing them with a giant smile on their face is the BEST feeling.

(First time Diary and many more to come)
P.S football pictures to come

Living the dream

Well summer is here! I’ve got say this is my favorite time of year! I love to be outside playing with my son and lounging by the pool! Badminton competition is heating up! Hayden likes to play best 3 out 5 to get out his chores lol! And he’s getting good too! Can’t wait to teach another child to swim and play badminton with us! Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition and excerise between family! Next football season for the kid and my beloved Hawks! Until next time….

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Adam and Tiffany

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