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Andrew and Wendy


About Us

Our Story

We got married on June 22, 2008, and we always knew we wanted to be parents. We are so thrilled to be able to use open adoption to fulfill this goal! We knew from the moment we met that we were deeply in love, and we can’t wait to share this with our child! We both come from wonderful families. The funny thing was that even though we lived right near each other, we never would have met had it not been for JDate.com! We began discussing marriage on our 4th date (our motto strikes again), and we got engaged in August 2006. We had picked out the ring in New York City. Andrew figured he’d have time for it to be sized, so he could surprise Wendy by getting a cat and putting the ring around his collar. Well, that doesn’t didn’t work so well: the jeweler said the ring would be ready in 10 minutes. So then, we were engaged!

Our Home

We live in Mongtomery Village, MD, which is right in the heart of Montgomery County, MD. We are close from DC and Virginia and look forward to family trip to the zoo, museums, or taking a ride to Baltimore to catch a show at the Hippodrome. In fact, we are only about 4 hours from New York City, where we often visit family and see several Broadway shows. There are lots of ponds and playgrounds nearby for us to play.

About Andrew

Andrew is an elementary school music teacher, and he also has two part-time businesses in energy and real estate. He is building his passive income, so that he has more time to spend at home with his new child. He looks forward to being the only Dad on field trips and school events. He is also starting a local theatre school that will train young actors to create the type of financial freedom he is creating, while living their dreams as artists. While he is building these dreams, he has lots of saved sick leave, so he can take the maximum 6 weeks of paternity leave and still have time left to take care of a sick baby as needed.

About Wendy

Wendy is a teaching assistant working with an autistic boy, helping him be successful in school. Since her arrival, this child has gone from screaming on a daily basis to learning and being a productive member of his class. Prior to that she was a pre-school assistant and works with 4 year olds and has been working with kids for the better part of 20 years. Whenever people meet her, their first comment is “She’s so sweet!” She is extremely warm and loving, and she loves the big hugs she gets from them when we see them out and about. We are currently also working on ways to make it so that Wendy can be home to care for our children. Wendy loves to read, and she can’t wait to read with our new baby and share her passion.

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Andrew and Wendy

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Andrew and Wendy