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Our Story

We want to thank you from the deepest part of our hearts for taking the time to get to know us. Since we met it has been our dream to have a family. We look forward to waking up each day with a new opportunity to create lots of happy memories, to grow in love, and share in laughter with our child. We are the kind of couple that gets caught up in the thought of our child sharing in everything we do.

We met 9 years ago while participating in one of our favorite pass times, spending time with our friends. We are pretty inseparable, we love just being together. We love to shop for and walk our dog, Gigi. We get silly playing Jeopardy while we eat dinner. We cook together and watch home remodeling shows or our favorite sitcom, Modern Family. We enjoy meeting friends/family for dinner and watching football in the Fall. We like to keep things simple, relaxing, and fun. Together IS what we like to do! (cheesy but true!) And we so look forward to the day when being together will include our child.

We both come from very close-knit families that love to spend as much time together as possible. Gatherings are always a big deal. Cindy has one younger sister who is married and is expecting twins. Joe has two older sisters, two nieces, and 2 nephews ranging from 6 to 20 so there's always something to celebrate and get together for.

Our family ethnicity is a source of personal pride for us. For Joe, a weekly family gathering consisting of pasta, gravy, meatballs and sausage has been a steady tradition in his parents' home for years reminding him of their Italian roots. In Cindy's family (Cuban/Puerto Rican) they enjoy gathering around lechon, frijoles, platanos maduros, and lots more. Cindy's had the pleasure of visiting her aunt, uncle, and cousins in Puerto Rico, her cousins in Spain, and she is anxiously awaiting the day abuela or dad to give her a tour of where they grew up in Cuba. In the meantime, she speaks fluent Spanish to the family members who do not speak English.

Last but not least, a bit about our dog Gigi. Gigi is loved beyond words and returns her love to us ten fold. She brings a smile to our faces as well as to all of the people, especially the children, in our neighborhood. She' s quite popular. Gigi loves to be loved and is the gentlest of pups as she loves you back.

Life with our own child would be a dream come true. We sincerely look forward to the simplest things that make up a family. We want to be a part of the growing and changing and teaching. Helping our child with homework, going on weekend day trips, or just staying home to play outside or inside all sound like perfect ways to spend our time. We want to help our child navigate through life. We want to give the same support, love, and encouragement that our family gave to us. Our intention is to raise a child who is loving, caring, generous, and respectful. In addition to that we'd help him/her grow into an adult who is motivated, independent, and educated. We know our lives will change and its the kind of change we've always wanted deep within our hearts.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is where we love to be most. Its cozy and warm with lots of family pictures throughout. We live in a quiet neighborhood lined with lots of trees and the harmonious sound of crickets each night. We love taking walks in our community because its just so pretty. The sound of children playing in the stretches of grass outside our home is a common thing and each morning and afternoon the town's school bus stops across our street. These are both pleasant sounds for us. Our home is a place of love where our families gather to celebrate holidays or special occasions or just hang out. We're surrounded by neighbors we know well, we enjoy their company, and we treat each other like family..

About Cindy

adoptive family photo - Cindy On the night we met it was her big smile and great conversation that attracted me instantly. We probably spent hours chatting that night as if we were old friends. I now know I was so comfortably chatting with the love of my life. Over the years I've learned how great she is with children, especially with my 2 nephews and 2 nieces. I just know she'd be perfect with children of her own. Cindy knows how to act like a kid and also be mature like a mom. She is a teacher and has also worked in her family's daycare for many years. I simply can't wait to watch her be a mom and make our child and myself so happy and proud!

About Joe

adoptive family photo - Joe What can I say except that he is God-sent and I whole-heartedly believe that. Joe was made for me. Somehow he always manages to say all the things my heart feels. Sometimes he writes me surprise love notes and leaves them for me in the kitchen so I see them before I leave for work. Its his sensitivity, sweetness, and gentle ways that make him the incredible husband he is and the awesome father he'll be one day. The love he gives me is just so deep and sincere that I find myself thanking God for him every chance I get. And just so you know, he loves his whole family that much too. He's funny and quite smart (he can actually answer most of the questions on Jeopardy each night, pretty impressive!). I look forward to spending my whole life with him and hopefully our child too!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

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Cynthia & Joe

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Cynthia & Joe