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Ashley & Chris Adopt
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To Someone Special,

Thank you for taking the time to read about our lives. We are Ashley and Chris from Southern California and have been together for 6 ½ years and happily married for almost four year. Both of us have always had a strong desire to have children. Through our trials and tribulation of infertility, it has strengthen our marriage and we know that no matter where life takes us we will always have each other. We have wanted a child for a very long time and are ready to open our hearts to this new adventure. We are ready to love a child unconditionally, through laughter and tears. We will teach your child things that will make his or her life successful, safe and happy. We want your child to grow up to be independent, caring and to always know how much they are loved not only by us but by you as well. Should you choose us please know that your child will be surrounded by a wonderful support system. Both of our families have been involved in our road to adoption are over joyed with the thought of a new child coming into our lives. Whatever decision you make, please know that we are amazed by your love an strength you have already brought into this world

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Who We Are

We meet in 2010 on a dating website, and after a few months of chatting online we met in person, and since then we have been inseparable! After two years of dating, Chris proposed at our most favorite place in the world- DISNEYLAND! He had surprised Ashley by asking her parents and his parents to be there when it happened. Then afterwards, all 6 of spent the day together. It was truly a magical day for us!
In August 2013, we were married surrounded by our family and friends in our community clubhouse- it was the best day of our lives. It was a day filled with love, laughter and the beginning of our happily ever after. We are best friends and enjoy doit g so many activities together, like taking our two dogs; Jack and Bella to the park, going for hikes, going to Disneyland, movies or just hanging around the house. We cannot wait to welcome a child into our home and into our adventures!

Adoption Diary

Father’s Day

This Sunday is fathers day, so we thought we’d introduce you to our fathers!
Chris’ dad’s name is David, he lives about 25 minutes from us. He loves to play golf and watch sports. Chris got his love of the New England Patriots from David, and now they watch almost every game together. Two years ago, Ashley surprised Chris with two tickets to see the Patriots play in San Diego- but there was a stipulation on the tickets; he had to take his dad! Chris then called his dad and told him the news, David started to cry!! They spent the weekend together in San Diego and had an amazing time watching the Patriots beat the Chargers! Chris and his dad are very close, David has been very supportive of our journey to adopt and cannot wait to be a grandpa for the very first time!
Ashley’s dad’s name is Randy- and he’s actually her step dad but she seems him as no other that just dad. He came into her life when seh was 13 year old and has never left her since. He is such an amazing man, he treats Ashley like she is his own child and nothing less. Randy is one the biggest reason’s Ashley that has relieved Ashley’s fears on adoption. He sat her down one day after a failed IVF round and we had decided to adopt and said “I know this wasnt your plan but 1. I am so proud that you have enough love in your heart to adopt and 2. I can tell you from first hand experience, blood does not make a family- love does. You do not have my blood running through your veins but you have my love and that is enough.” He has always been such a big support system for us.

How we met

Back in 2010, Chris sent Ashley a message on Zoosk (the dating apps through Facebook.) Ashley found him on Facebook and they started to chat on life for a few months then finally one day I (Ashley) finally asked him “are you ever going to ask me out!?!!?!” SO he did! We made plans to go to Starbucks at the town center near us. The day of, I got super nervous and tried to cancel but my mom got mad at me and told me to go!! (and I am I glad I did) Chris was so sweet about it and still went out with me. It was great! We talked (ok ok I talked- I was nervous) for hours then we went and saw a movie. After the movie Chris walked me to my car and hugged me good bye! I was so surprised! He didn’t even try to kiss me! I was so sad as I started to drive home because I really really liked him and I thought that he didn’t like me, but boy I was wrong! As I pulled into my driveway, Chris sent me the sweetest text telling me how much fun he had and hoped we could go out again!! I was walking on air. From there it was all up hill! We, like everyone have hard times but together we get through it all! One of my favorite quotes is ” Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite!” So my mom when we got engaged painted this sign for us and it hangs proudly in our room

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Ashley & Chris Adopt

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Ashley & Chris Adopt