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Thirteen years ago Kate's cousin introduced us. Luckily, Peter was able to get over his shyness to ask Kate out. Our first child, Cordelia, was born in 2011. This amazing, independent and fiery little person has been our greatest joy. We also share our home with Job the dog. Job lives only to love, and be loved by, the rest of us.

Kate is a social worker. She has worked with children and families for over two decades in various roles, from working directly with families, to teaching, to upper management of large city and non-profit agencies. Her favorite part of the job is when she can improve the lives of children and their families by doing something as simple as helping parents tell their children they are proud of them.

Peter is trained as an attorney. Since our daughter was born, he has stayed home full time. Being able to have a full-time parent at home for our children is something we have made our highest priority and we feel so grateful we can do it.

We spend our time enjoying one another, friends and family and taking advantage of all the things New York has to offer. Taking Cordelia to art, dance and music classes and trips to museums, playgrounds and festivals are some of our favorite activities.

Our home is full of books and music of all kinds. We all love reading, learning and playing. Almost all of us, Job is mostly excited by tug-o-war!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We are lucky to own a Brownstone in Brooklyn, in a diverse neighborhood full of young families. Cordelia has many friends on our block or nearby. We often find ourselves playing games on the sidewalk in the summer evenings. We live on a block with wonderful neighbors who look out for each other.

We are so fortunate to have a remarkable group of very dear friends who have become extended family. Everyone is excited and looking forward to welcoming a new child to the family. Cordelia is eagerly telling everyone that she is going to have a little brother or sister and sets aside her favorite clothes and toys for him or her as she outgrows them.

We are close to nice parks and playgrounds. We are a subway ride away from Manhattan, where we visit Central Park and famous museums. Each weekend we have dinner with Kate's extended family. Kate's mother lives in California, where we enjoy visiting a couple of times a year. We look forward to introducing our new family member to the beautiful beaches and forests there. Peter's mother and father visit from Alberta, Canada and his siblings live in Montreal, and visit frequently. His sister is on our stoop in this picture. They are very much looking forward to having another niece or nephew to adore.

About Peter [written by Kate]

adoptive family photo - Peter [written by Kate] Pete is the sort of person, who happily, and expediently, goes out of his way to help others. Our neighbors lovingly make fun of him for not judging others unless they are unkind or abusive. He is kind, generous, loving, loyal, intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful and ever so humble.

I knew he would be a devoted and loving father and never expected the degree of adoration he would demonstrate in child rearing and what excellent instincts he has regarding child development and nurturance. For example, it is important to him to be honest with our children even if being truthful takes more work. I love to hear Cordelia giggle when Pete becomes the voice of her favorite stuffed animal. I can't wait to hear the sound of two tiny gigglers.

As a stay-at-home dad, he makes each day interesting and exciting. No day goes by without a lot of reading [lately Harry Potter] learning and play. Peter especially enjoys learning about science and modern history, he feels lucky to have such an inquisitive child who always pushes his ability to remember the correct scientific explanations of everyday things. Pete is also curious to see whether the children will share his interest in activities like chess or martial arts. He looks forward to learning an instrument with our children at the Brooklyn Conservatory. Pete is very active in supporting Cordelia’s school and helps out with field trips and the school leadership team.

About Kate [written by Pete]

adoptive family photo - Kate [written by Pete] In our house hangs a birthday card to Kate from her beloved uncle and aunt. Quoting a famous poem they wrote: "She prayeth best who loveth best/ All things both great and small.”
When I think of Kate I think of her when as a little girl. She overturned a tackle box into the water, after a cruel camp counselor tried to make her hook a worm.

Kate's courageous compassion and her concern for those both great and small make her a unique person of whom I only stand in admiration. Kate is a graceful mother who demonstrates everyday her dedication to our daughter. One of my favorite experiences is seeing Cordelia running to Kate after being apart for just a short while.

Several of Kate's paintings hang around the house along side numerous art projects she completed with Cordelia. She finds so much joy in dancing and singing with our child or just joking around.

She has always wanted to be a mother and it is clearly the most important role in her life!

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Kate and Pete

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Kate and Pete