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Our Story

We met during a single's event at a bowling alley, of all places. We took turns bowling for each other, exchanged phone numbers, and the rest is history. Suzanne and I tell each other how lucky we are to have met each other.

John has a 12 year old son from a previous marriage, Thomas. He knows about and supports our adoption plans. We can't wait to add to our family. ​We have plenty friends and family that are willing to help us!

What John thinks of Sue, "I think Sue is beautiful on the inside and outside. She's the kindest person I met. She's smart and responsible. Her nieces and nephews adore their Aunt. She will make a great mother."

What Sue thinks of John, "I was immediately comfortable with John when I met him, he has the kindest eyes and I knew he was special. In addition to being handsome, he's so kind and makes me laugh even when I am feeling down. He's such a wonderful caring dad to my stepson."

​We both are so grateful to have found each other, and cant wait to share this experience of adopting a child together, and giving John's son a sibling. We love being outdoors, going to the beach and the lake house our family owns.  We enjoy a life filled with love and laughter.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love our neighborhood. We live in a close knit community on a dead end street with many children and families.  Our school district is excellent. There are plenty of parks and a few beaches not far away. Most of our family and friends are within 10-20 minutes drive away and we enjoy having them over for family parties and BBQ's.  We also live close to a large beautiful beach with a boardwalk.  We go running and walking there a lot and actually were married right nearby. 
Our house has a great front porch for enjoying warm summer nights as well as a large yard with a deck. 
We have a large house with a wide open floor plan which we love.

We also are lucky enough to share a vacation home by the lake with our family. This is an active vacation community that has so many children's activities and events all through the year, such as an art center.  We especially love spending summer holiday weekends there with our family and friends.  

About Suzanne

adoptive family photo - Suzanne I come from a large family , I am the middle child of ten brothers and sisters.  My mom and dad loved children so much they had 8 biologically and then decided to adopt my two youngest brothers.  We are a close knit family, celebrating birthdays, holidays and summers at our lake house together. I feel so lucky to have my brothers and sisters in my life, they are like best friends to me. I also have 12 nieces and nephews, when we all get together it is very loud and fun, they are all thrilled to hear that we are trying to adopt a baby. 
I have loved children all my life, and this is the reason I decided to become a pediatric nurse. I love my job and am amazed at how resilient children are even when facing illness.  I am so happy to be married to John, he is a wonderful, caring man.  I always knew the person I married would have to love children as well and I feel fortunate I was able to see firsthand how John was as a Dad to his son.  Many people don't get to see what kind of future Dad their husband will make, however I was able to and was so impressed of how he put his son above everything and the love he had for him.

About John

adoptive family photo - John I work in finance in the entertainment industry. My career keeps me busy but value the time I spend with family and friends. I am told I have a good sense of humor, and I like to make people laugh.  I enjoy reading, watching sports, running and listening to music. I am not a master chef but can bar-b-q a tasty burger and am great at washing dishes :-)
Unlike Sue, I'm an only child. Sue's family has become my family so I never feel like I don't have siblings. I'm blessed that both my parents are still alive and they are excited about the possibility of us adopting a baby. 

I know the joys of having a child as I have a 12 year old son, Thomas, from my previous marriage. Anyone will tell you raising children is difficult at times, but it's something I'm good at. I make sure he not only has a good home and clothes on his back but that he understands values I find important such as learning new things and kindness/respect for others. I'm so ready to be an adoptive parent, so I can see another child grow and be happy.

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