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We are a fun, happy family who loves each other so so much and can't wait to share that love with another baby!

Dear friend,

We are so grateful that you are taking the time to look at our letter! We think you are a pretty amazing woman for considering adoption! We have so much respect for birth moms. We have seen first hand how hard it is to place a child for adoption and have seen the amazing blessings that follow that trial as well through the adoption of our daughter Piper. That was a very emotional day for all of us involved.

Kristen (Piper's birth mom) says that it was the hardest thing she has ever done, but she was so grateful to see Piper go to a strong family and it also gave Kristen a wonderful second chance at life. Since that day in 2013 Kristen was able to go to college (which she didn't think she could before), went on an amazing working adventure, and has met and married an amazing man who loves her so much. We love Kristen so much too and we love keeping in contact with her.

By the way, if you'd like to see more about us you can check us out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GavinAndAmyAdopt

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Who We Are

A little about us...

We have been together since 2005 and married since 2009. We got pregnant right after getting married and it sadly ended with a miscarriage. We haven’t been pregnant since even with the assistance of fertility treatments.

We have always been pro-adoption and when pregnancy wasn't coming easy for us adoption was a natural next step. We adopted our sweet Piper in 2013, she brings so much joy to our life! She is so smart and so loving. She prays everyday for Heavenly Father to send us a baby. She is going to be the best big sister EVER! She LOVES babies! She asks us everyday if her baby is coming today. She tells us that she will hold it, feed it milk, and burp it on her shoulder. We know they will be best friends, Piper is friends with everyone and she loves people so much. She looks at having a sibling as having a best friend forever with her.

We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka Mormons). We are strong in our faith and love having that guidance in our lives. We believe in raising a family through love. We think our kids need to hear "I love you" many times a day and get lots of hugs and kisses. We also believe that it is important to be parents to our children, not just their best friend (even though we love being friends too, but being a parent and teaching them comes first). We have tried our hardest to teach Piper to be respectful of others and be kind.

Our favorite thing to do is ANYTHING together as a family! We get together often with Gavin’s family because they all live within 4 blocks of us in our little town. We get together for Sunday dinner or treats each week, and we make every holiday a good excuse to have a party. Piper has 6 cousins, 2 aunts, 2 uncles and 2 grandparents here in town. (She has 2 more grandparents, 8 aunts/uncles, and 9 more cousins on Amy's side that live farther away.) She thinks her cousins are the coolest people in this world! (Which they actually are!!!) We have gone skiing and rock climbing as a whole family. We have also gone on zip lines too, even Gavin’s parents went! We also have a canyon just on the edge of town that we go up and have dinner, hike, and skip rocks in the lake at least one night every summer (we aren’t really the camping type but we do enjoy the outdoors). We also have many pool days in the summer and lots of fun snow days in the winter. We love doing family walks in the evenings and riding bikes together too. We also like to go to the city and go shopping, even if its just window shopping. They may be simple activities, but as long as we are all together we LOVE it! We also LOVE to travel! Some of our favorite places to go are Hawaii and Disneyland. We like to do a big trip at least once a year.

About Gavin (by Amy)

Gavin is the best husband and father that anyone could ask for. He is very caring and he loves playing with Piper and he reads stories to her every night. He is great at helping out however he can around the house and when Piper was a baby he was so good at getting up in the night with her every other time so I could get sleep too. Gavin is so fun and playful and he makes me laugh everyday. He always makes me feel special and helps me feel like I can face any trial that comes my way. I love that he has strong faith in God. He makes me want to be a better person and live life to the fullest. He is also a hard worker. I love him so much!!!!

Gavin likes photography (he takes all of our pictures), playing the piano, running, and making amazing treats like chocolate chip cookies and s’mores brownies. He has recently started to make soap too, its super fun! Who knew you could even do that at home! If he could be any superhero it would definitely be Captain America. Gavin grew up in Utah then served a mission for our church in Mendoza Argentina.

Gavin was a Seminary Teacher for 10 years. He left that amazing job so we could move back to his home town and he could work in the family business (and so we could raise our family in a small town). Gavin is now a co-owner and Vice President in that business. He loves working with the family and we LOVE living close to the extended family.

About Amy (by Gavin)

So...Amy is pretty stinkin’ cool, amazing, happy, fun, fun-loving, energetic, lively, easily excitable, loves life and loves making other people happy. Yep, that’s her and I kinda think she’s the most amazing person...that’s all. People tell us all the time that we are two peas in a pod... and, well, it’s true. She is very patient with me and I’m grateful for that. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful mother to our amazing little girl. She is a stay at home mom and she LOVES it...absolutely loves it. I get a little jealous of all of the fun things that she and Piper get to do together every day. She wants to do her best and she puts her best efforts into doing her best.

Amy is a sewing machine...she got her degree in Fashion Design...and design fashion she does! She is amazing at sewing and she loves to make Piper clothing...on almost a daily basis!! She is also a true girly girl, she loves makeup, clothes, polka dots, pink, and anything sparkly. She loves to try new things...and when she gets interested in something new...watch out because she goes FULL FORCE, there is no stopping her!! Because of that I now have about 230 new sticks of chapstick because...you guessed it...she has decided that chapstick is fun to make... and I am the recipient of that fun!!

Life is a pretty tough journey, but with Amy, life is that much better. She keeps me in line, lifts me up when I’m down, strengthens me when I’m weak, and is always there for me. She really is amazing!! Amy puts God first...and that is the best thing about her. I mentioned up above that she is easily excitable...and that is so true. If there is something that gets her excited even for a moment, you will know that that made her day. She starts talking fast, giggling a lot, and she just wants the whole world to know how excited she is. There is never a dull moment with her. She loves her family and she wants us to be happy. I love her...that’s all!! Oh, and Amy grew up in Idaho.

How We Met...

Here is our story in Amy's words...
I got home from my mission for our church (to the Canary Islands) in 2005. My stake president suggested that I be a volunteer EFY counselor for the summer (EFY is a youth program in our church), which I gladly accepted that counsel. At my last session of the summer there was a cute seminary teacher there teaching some of the classes. When I was in his class I kept thinking "I want to marry a guy like that someday". Then he mentioned he was single in one of his classes and I thought "Great! I'll take him!" So after his last class I asked him out. I figured if he said no I'd never have to see him again if it was after his last class. :) Luckily he wasn't dating anyone and he said yes! I was so nervous asking him out (more so because my little brother was in that session and he was in the back of the room watching me!) At the end of talking to Gavin I realized I didn't know his first name, He was just Brother C.! So I said... "by the way, what's your first name. I don't want to call you and say Hi Brother C. this is Amy calling about our date." He thought that was hilarious and still teases me about that today.

Our first date was tons of fun and was completed by me falling off an escalator. Yep I wasn't looking and thought I was at the bottom and stepped off about 3 stairs early and I tripped and fell off the last few stairs. I think I won over Gavin's heart right then and there. :)

We had a very fun dating experience that only lasted a short 4 years! Everyone in Mormonville was dying because we were taking so long to get married. We got hassled a lot for that, but we did what was right for us. We all have our own plan in life and we are happier when we realize that. :) It was long, but honestly we had so much fun along the way and we knew each other soooooo well when we got married. I have no doubt that that was right for us. We started out our marriage with a super strong relationship.

I know that was a lot of random info about us, if we didn't cover what you want to know, please ask us more questions! We love to talk!!!

Adoption Diary

Bowling was AWSOME!!!

We had sooooo much fun bowling!  Piper won!  Sure, she had bumpers and the ball slide thing, but she absolutely loved it!  We were lucky enough to have some cousins and her aunt join us (the rest of the family was out of town for the weekend).  We ate lunch at the bowling alley, bowled, then ended up going to a froyo shop and had a blast there eating frozen yogurt also.  We love fun days that we can just go around having fun all day long!  We LOVE spending time with each other!  It’s the bestest!!!!

Saturday here we come!!!!

Today we are doing some cuddles and movie time.  Next up is lunch and bowling at the bowling alley. Then craft time for Amy and Piper while Gavin makes a loaf of soap.  We LOVE Saturdays!!!!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Gavin & Amy

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