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Our Story

Jeff and I met in January of 2005. I think we both knew very early on that we would be together forever. We got married in June 2009 on Mackinaw Island. We knew we were meant to be parents and wanted to be for a long time. Finally one glorious day in May 2012, we got our first call that someone was looking at our book and considering placing her child with us. We were very nervous and excited. On May 6, 2012 our son Luke was born. We fell in love with both Laura & Luke. He has brought more joy than we ever could have wished for. He goes everywhere with us. He is 4 and turning 5 in May 2017. He is a kind, loving, smart and a wonderful boy.

As much as we love our home, we love traveling too. Most of all, we just love having fun where ever we are! We love new places (especially water parks), pizza, and dancing around the house. We share a love of the outdoors. We live on 30 acres that has a river and manicured trails. Luke loves picking wild raspberries, playing with sticks, throwing rocks in the river and fishing. This winter we took a ride with our family on the Polar Express and went to the fake "North Pole."

We hold family traditions close to our hearts and can't wait to share them with another child. We handcraft our Christmas Cards (This year Luke drew the snowman), make annual trips to grandparents for Thanksgiving, and write homemade birthday cards every year.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live close to family on 30 acres. We are only a 5-10 minute drive to our small town of West Branch. West Branch is a small town which has a local farmers market in the summer and hosts family nights as well.

Our neighborhood is family-friendly. The families that live close to us share our trails and have created their own trails that meet ours. It's not unlikely to see a golf cart, dirt bike or snowmobile in our woods.

About Denise

adoptive family photo - Denise Denise has always dreamed about two things: being a teacher and being a mom. She started teaching at age 22 and was able to take a 4 year maternity leave to be with her son at home.

Denise has been around children her whole life and loves every minute of it. She's one of four kids and has ten nieces & nephews. She babysat and would offer to help with children anywhere she could. Denise is very close to her family. Her mom is a great cook and hosts family dinners often. We all jump at the chance to eat there.

Denise is caring and passionate with whatever she does. She loves to run outdoors, camp, and most of all be a wife and mom.

About Jeff

adoptive family photo - Jeff Jeff is a hard worker with a big heart. He is a hands-on father. He plays chase, operation, and just about anything our son asks him to do.

From a young age Jeff wanted to be involved with the family business, a new car dealership He started mowing the lawn & washing cars when he was a ten. He now runs the dealership with the hope of owning it someday soon.

Jeff's likes the outdoors too like camping & snowmobiling. He also has a passion for flying. He has his private pilot's license and loves to take his family with him.

He is very close to his parents. His parents live next door & he has worked with his father for the past 21 years. They would do anything for us.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff & Denise

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Jeff & Denise