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Ronie and Michael


About Us

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Our Story

We met rock climbing in seven years ago in Colorado and fell in love. We spent our time hanging out with friends, climbing, hiking snowboarding, biking and traveling together.

Two years later Michael surprised Ronie with a trip to New York City and proposed at a concert during their favorite song!

Michael was the co-founder of a tech startup and Ronie was a professional mountain bike cyclist. We were married in 2013 and decided to embark on our journey of starting a family through adoption when we moved to New York a few years ago.

Ronie's grandmother is adopted and she has an adopted cousin too. We have always wanted to have a family this way and have many friends who have kids who are adopted so our child will always have support and understanding around adoption.

Michael has a very good job as a Senior Product Designer and Ronie owns s health coaching business and teaches nutrition, fitness and mindfulness meditation.

We are very close to our family and friends who we visit regularly in Chicago California and Boston who are all very supportive of our decision to raise a child through adoption, and possibly a transracial family. We have taken many parenting classes and training on how to deal with issues if our child is a different race and feel we are awesome ambassadors for a multicultural family. Ronie has cousins who are black and grew up very close to them so knows first hand some of the challenges we might face.

We love to travel and are excited for child to have the opportunity to see the world and would like to travel to other countries. Australia and New Zealand are at the top of our list to visit one day.

We enjoy cooking healthy foods and visiting gardens and parks and listening to music. We love each other so much and are so excited to share that love with a child.

We imagine spending the days with our child reading and playing and are looking forward to fun filled weekends at the beach and playing at home. Some days we just spend time together just reading and watching movies and eating homemade pizza that Ronie makes.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a bright, spacious and peaceful loving home. Our days are perfect to raise a baby and Ronie will be transitioning to being with the baby full time.

We are in a neighborhood of families near a beautiful area of different parks and playgrounds full of children for our little one to play with. Many of our friends already have kids so there are friends all around :)

We have wonderful gardens all around for a wonderful connection with nature. We want to give our child a lifetime of good education and a life full of experiences, learning and laughter.

We love living where there is so much to offer and we hope our child knows that they will have a life filled with possibilities and a stable future full of love.

About Ronie

adoptive family photo - Ronie (Written by Michael)

Ronie went to nutrition school so she loves to make healthy food! Her specialty is all different types of pizza and kale chips. She is very active, loves to run, bike and dance and has the kindest loving heart. She loves to have fun and takes the best care of me, and always puts the needs of our family first.

Ronie is very engaged in our community spends time each week volunteering. Her goal is to make it a better and healthier place for everyone who lives and spends time here.

She is so excited to spend time bonding and taking care of the baby and making healthy baby foods for our little one and reading them stories.

Ronie loves dogs and we babysit our friend's dog Kona sometimes. If our child grows up and wants to get a dog in the future, we might have to say YES!!!

About Michael

adoptive family photo - Michael (Written by Ronie)

Michael is gentle and loving. He really loves life and I am so excited to see him to one day become a dad! He has taught me a lot about patience and how to be amazing.

Michael has a deep curiosity of how to make the world a better place. He is super smart and fun to be around and is an app designer and is able to help others build and create their dreams through technology.

He likes history, world events, technology, sports and eating doughnuts.(Don't worry I keep him healthy!)

He id especially excited to teach our child about the world and is looking forward to fatherhood. His company puts family first and he will be able to spend time at home when the baby arrives for several weeks. He can then work from home whenever needed and take lots of family vacations! We hope to visit you at least once a year.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ronie and Michael

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Ronie and Michael