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(Written by Helene) We met at work 13 years ago. Allan is a sports doctor that did work with a studio that I taught at. We immediately connected, I knew it was going to be the real thing when Allan gave me a bite of his sandwich and I was comfortable enough to finish it. We went out with a group of Allans friends a few days later. We have been side by side since then. He kind of cleared out space in his drawers and closet for me within a couple of weeks!
We had so many conversations in just the first week of dating about our dreams, what we wanted out of life, our family values.
We both grew up in the suburbs of NY and Massachusetts and love the neighborhood that we met and live in. We both still have many close friends from when we were very little, and come from strong families that stand by each other through everything. We see Helene's extended family often since they all live in the NY, NJ area. We take frequent trips to Massachusetts to visit Helenes parents, brothers, and close friends. And to Buffalo to visit Alans family and close friends. Holidays are always a great excuse to get everyone together. we hosted my big family's 2nd christmas (cousins and cousins children) this year for the first time. I am one of 4 children. My older brother and I were both adopted. My little brothers are twins. My cousins, Aunts and Uncles are very close. Allan is an only child, but with so many friends that are like his brothers and sisters. He is the most loyal friend and brings everyone together so well.
We love our work, and own a business together. We have worked very hard over the years to have the life we have now. We make our own schedules, so we both take lots of days to work at home or take trips.
We love to take vacations, to be active, going to all the parks just minute walks from our house, drive out to the beach, make lunch and dinner dates with our friends and family.
We have the 2 cutest french bulldogs ever! They make everyones day, joining us at work most days. They are so fun and love to snuggle and play with our nieces and nephews.

We want to expose our children to all different experiences to let them decide what they might love to do. It doesn't matter if they are the best at something. We would hope for them to have a passion in life like Helene is passionate about dance, and Allan is passionate about skiing and animals.

Simply put, we think that raising people to be kind to others, confident in themselves, and to have a personal relationship with God will make them a happy happy person in life.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a house in a quaint neighborhood in Brooklyn NY. It is our absolute favorite place we could possibly live! We both grew up in the suburbs in a big house and backyard. Now we have that house, but in the greatest city and across the street from a cathedral church built over 100 years ago.
It is a family neighborhood which reminds us of how we grew up, with tree lined streets and a close walk to schools, activities, restaurants, and many parks including on the waterfront.
The Brooklyn Bridge park goes on for miles, and our friends kids take trips into see us just to go there. There are so many schools and kids programs to choose from, every activity a child or adult could dream of, right at our fingertips. Most of all, there is a beautiful sense of culture and awareness unlike anywhere we have been. Everyone can be themselves here with acceptance and open mindedness. It has a small town feel, but with quick access to all the benefits of the city. Less than a hour away are beaches, or hiking in the mountains where we spend a couple of weekends a month.

During the week we walk mostly everywhere. Many of our close friends & family live near us. On the weekends, we like to relax and enjoy the neighborhood or take a trip outside the city. We are lucky to have a private family lake house on 100 acres of land with a private lake less than a 2 hour drive from home.

About Allan Beach

adoptive family photo - Allan Beach I am most happy when those around me are happy- hosting loved ones at our house with great music playing or around animals and nature. I have had animals my whole life and also love to take care of our extensive garden and yard. I grew up skiing, and playing hockey and football. I am still active everyday ...skiing, running, biking and taking advantage of all the parks nearby. But, I do cherish dinnertime as much as being active! 
After many years of hard work in school to become a doctor, I enjoy living a happy balanced life. I also love music and all the live shows nearby. I enjoy days at home to relax and spending time with all of our family and friends and our dogs. I love being a kid again with all my nieces and nephews, and look forward to having kids so I have an excuse to be that way all the time. I will let Helene do the disciplining.

I am an only child but have many friends who I call my brothers and sisters. Helene's family makes up for it since I am hugged, teased, and loved like I have always been there. Helene and I are an amazing team and our children will be lucky little ones.

About Helene Beach

adoptive family photo - Helene Beach I am most happy when I am with my family and friends one day and then a quiet day at home with our dogs the next. I grew up a dancer, and continue a professional career to this day.
 Allan is happy to have gotten me on skis after we met. Dance and music are a big part of my life. I stopped performing to have a more calm lifestyle, but I teach and take class every day. I own a Pilates studio and have a very flexible schedule that allows me to make my own day. I do also love to bike, run, and shop, but I love and value my downtime at home. I enjoy cooking, and promise to do more of it once we have children, until then I will enjoy all of the local restaurants. I am blessed to have been adopted into a big, loving, loud, laughing family who supports each other through everything. They are all so excited for us to bring another person to love into the family.
Allan and I are truly a family, and best friends. We can't wait to grow that family.

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