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Laughing, camping, beach and lakes, big family holidays, and one big dream...

Hi. We are Marcus and Ashley Sue, and have planned our entire adult lives around our hope of raising a child together.

We are so ready, have a nursery ready, and have been dreaming and preparing in so many ways for so many years. And adoption has always been a part of our plan, not a second choice.

We always dreamt of having a family -- every bit of it, from the everyday routines to the greatest adventures and holidays and milestones.

We know you have intense decisions to make. Please know that our hearts and prayers are with you and your baby as you decide what is best for your lives and futures. We are here, praying for you and us all.

Let us know what questions you might have. We are happy to answer. We too will be family with our child's birth family.

With Love,
Marcus and Ashley Sue

PS. After you look through our profile, can always call us, or go to our Instagram page to find a little more (our name is "readyforlittles"). xoxoxo

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Who We Are

We met in the 4th grade, when Marc's family moved from Pennsylvania to my (Ashley's) home town. The teacher placed his desk right next to mine the first day Marc started school.

In 8th grade, a teacher (of all people) set us up, to date. She carefully and openly selected us to work together on a class project (on American life in the 1920s). It worked, and we became each others' first love. We dated a year before choosing to be apart in high school. We spent high school focusing on friendships, academics (we shared all the honors classes together), and athletics (Marc played football and ran track; Ashley played soccer and was a cheerleader). We stayed good friends as we grew up.

The first day of college, we were surprised to see that not only had we chosen the same college, but were moving into the same dorm. We had our first college class together, and by Spring of Freshman year, we were dating again. We have been together ever since - 18 years ago!

In 2009, after a decade together, God wove a remarkable story in that grand way that only He can, and we both became Christians, without realizing the other was feeling the same spiritual pull. By the end of the year, Marcus proposed to me in a faith-filled moment at Cape Hatteras (a place I consider as the best of NC magic).

Our family and close friends are the world to us. We were blessed to spend 2010 planning our wedding with "our village". Our year was spent celebrating SIX OTHER weddings of family and friends, as well as pulling ours off. From my Mom making the dress and the cake, to Marc's brother DJing, to close friends catering the entire event, and all the framily that decorated our wedding and took photos of the best day of our lives, we are constantly reminded how blessed we are!

Since our wedding, we have spent the last six years with all the sides of our family (and all the new nephews and nieces born into it!), and with our "accidental cat". I call him the "accidental cat" because we had just decided to get a dog - when a teeny abandoned kitten, weak and sick, found Marc while he and his Dad were on a camping week. Marc brought the kitten home to help it recover, and Russell Brand the Cat has been with us ever since. He's the best addition to our home, yet, and makes us laugh every day!

Marcus works at UPS and has for 11 years. I (Ashley) used to work in marketing and television, but now work as an artist and photographer from home. We spent a lot of years thinking about how we wanted to parent (with me as a stay-at-home-mom), and we have cultivated a life to allow that we have every opportunity to spend with our children and take them on great adventures, every day and in ways great and small.

Now, we just wait. We wait to meet the new members of our family, and to see how God will grow us all in the amazing tapestry of life. Meanwhile, we work on home projects (gardening and renovation), visit family and the friends we consider family, play games, travel, read, and laugh... a lot. We are pretty goofy. And... we wait.

With love and prayers...
Marc and Ashley

Adoption Diary

Easter in the mountains

A week ago, we spent Easter in the mountains with all of Marc’s family, including our newest niece. We are now up to 20 people getting together for every holiday and vacation, and it’s perfect.

Seeing our oldest nephew (25) and his wife as new parents is amazing. From knowing them as toddlers and awkward teenagers, to glowing adults in love with their own baby daughter…

Did I tell you how they let us know they were having a daughter?

Last Autumn, our nephew and his spectacular wife had a gender reveal party… except Marc and I couldn’t go. We were there only family who couldn’t make it, because of just really odd timing and an unfortunate situation. So, our nephews wife planned a separate gender reveal party JUST FOR MARC AND ME, the morning before the big party. Except, she didn’t tell us that. She just invited us over for morning cupcakes and coffee.

Our hearts melted when they admitted, they had a bakery make two special cupcakes just for us, and the inside filling would be the key.

I’m still amazed they let us know before everyone else… and amidst their journey to becoming parents, took time to take sure we were involved. Being only about 10 years younger than us, sometimes they feel like our niece and nephew… and sometimes they are like a little brother and sister.

Either way, we love our family so much, and are so thankful for all the ways we make celebrations together.

We hope your Easter was happy. Was special. Was a celebration. And filled with love.

With Love…

Ps. The included photo is the one or nephew and his wife took at the mini-reveal breakfast they had for us. xoxoxo

Slow and quiet, and snowy

Things are slow and quiet here. Have you ever noticed when the snow falls, the world just seems to become silent. Maybe in reverence for our childhood innocence that loved snow days so much, years before. Maybe in wonder of how magical it seems that these white flakes fall slowly from heaven. I don’t really know.

This is Ashley here. And I am so blessed to be able to work from home. Today I am working on art projects, and finishing our kitchen remodel. And I get to sit by this window and watch magic fall from the sky, with hot chocolate in my hand, and my kitty in my lap.

Our lives have been filled with slow and quiet regarding our adoption journey. Praying to become parents, with no way to ever know if there is a light at the end of this tunnel, often feels painfully slow and quiet.

In no way am I asking for pity, nor sorrow. Every person has a painful journey in their life, a storm that they are facing. Ours happens to be a bit public, but that’s it. No pity requested.

Somehow watching the snowflakes get fatter and heavier, and fall by the tens of thousands, makes the slow and quiet feel peaceful. At least for today, it all is ok.

And I sit in my studio, surrounded by paint and canvases and art and my hot chocolate and my memories of watching snow fall with my Daddy. And I dream of the day that I may be a Mother myself, and spending snow days in the studio with our children, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, and painting pictures of snowflakes and magical skies. But for today… I just watch quietly in awe as the world slows down for me.

Wherever you are, whatever your weather is right now, I pray you feel some sort of peace like I feel in this moment.

Joy, Love, and Prayers to you,
Ashley Sue

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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