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Marcus and Ashley Sue


Marcus and Ashley Sue
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We are stoked for every second of raising our children, loving them, and learning the rad people they were born to be!

Hello! Can we start by just saying it -- that this is odd? Getting to know each other SO personally, but at first through a screen and a million dreams for a baby to have the greatest life? Let's break the ice by saying that. Know that our hearts and prayers are with you, even if we don't yet know you by name. Know that our deepest wish is to become parents, and to love our children, and encourage them to pursue their biggest hopes and dreams.

We are Marcus and Ashley Sue - in North Carolina.
Marc loves the mountains, and Ashley loves the ocean. Marc climbs trees, and Ashley stares into the sky. He is about function, and she is about pizzazz. We balance each other, and have so much we want to experience with Little Ones! And, we mean a human Little One - not just our silly cat! We have a big, close family and circle of friends, full of siblings and children and grandparents, doctors and police officers and artists, pets and pet lovers, and adventurers -- but mostly, full of Love.

We have been together for 18 years and married for the past 6. Our entire relationship, we dreamt of becoming parents - of family vacations, of breakfast conversations, of school plays and little league sports... Every second of it, from the everyday routines to the greatest adventures and holidays and milestones!

After you look through our profile, feel free to call us, or go to our Instagram page to learn more (our name is "readyforlittles"). If you have questions, let us know.

Also, know that through adoption, you are forever a part of our family. Our child will forever know that they are also *your* child, and that she or he is so blessed to be loved by so many people - from every side of their family.

With Love,
Marcus and Ashley Sue

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Who We Are

We met in the 4th grade, when Marc's family moved from Pennsylvania to my (Ashley's) home town. The teacher placed his desk right next to mine the first day Marc started school.

In 8th grade, a teacher (of all people) set us up, to date. She carefully and openly selected us to work together on a class project (on American life in the 1920s). It worked, and we became each others' first love. We dated a year before choosing to be apart in high school. We spent high school focusing on friendships, academics (we shared all the honors classes together), and athletics (Marc played football and ran track; Ashley played soccer and was a cheerleader). We stayed good friends as we grew up.

The first day of college, we were surprised to see that not only had we chosen the same college, but were moving into the same dorm. We had our first college class together, and by Spring of Freshman year, we were dating again. We have been together ever since - 18 years ago!

In 2009, after a decade together, God wove a remarkable story in that grand way that only He can, and we both became Christians, without realizing the other was feeling the same spiritual pull. By the end of the year, Marcus proposed to me in a faith-filled moment at Cape Hatteras (a place I consider as the best of NC magic).

Our family and close friends are the world to us. We were blessed to spend 2010 planning our wedding with "our village". Our year was spent celebrating SIX OTHER weddings of family and friends, as well as pulling ours off. From my Mom making the dress and the cake, to Marc's brother DJing, to close friends catering the entire event, and all the framily that decorated our wedding and took photos of the best day of our lives, we are constantly reminded how blessed we are!

Since our wedding, we have spent the last six years with all the sides of our family (and all the new nephews and nieces born into it!), and with our "accidental cat". I call him the "accidental cat" because we had just decided to get a dog - when a teeny abandoned kitten, weak and sick, found Marc while he and his Dad were on a camping week. Marc brought the kitten home to help it recover, and Russell Brand the Cat has been with us ever since. He's the best addition to our home, yet, and makes us laugh every day!

Marcus works at UPS and has for 11 years. I (Ashley) used to work in marketing and television, but now work as an artist and photographer from home. We spent a lot of years thinking about how we wanted to parent (with me as a stay-at-home-mom), and we have cultivated a life to allow that we have every opportunity to spend with our children and take them on great adventures, every day and in ways great and small.

Now, we just wait. We wait to meet the new members of our family, and to see how God will grow us all in the amazing tapestry of life. Meanwhile, we work on home projects (gardening and renovation), visit family and the friends we consider family, play games, travel, read, and laugh... a lot. We are pretty goofy. And... we wait.

With love and prayers...
Marc and Ashley

Adoption Diary

Dreaming a (not so) little dream…

Parenthood was always the ultimate adventure we planned for.  The everyday adventures of discovering a four leaf clover, losing a tooth, learning how to write their name, pretending to be a scientist or teacher, helping to make a birthday cake, and constant hugs and laughter:  this is the grandest adventure we ever imagined, far grander than anywhere we could travel to or any mountain we could climb.

A week with the family

The past two weeks, actually, led to a lot of time with both sides of our family.  How blessed are we to have that. 

Of course, part of it was because of a funeral that brought us together.  Our sister (through marriage to Marc’s brother) lost her mother.  We were able to celebrate her life and family through a BEAUTIFUL home-going service.  Don’t you love that?  “Home going service”.  That brings peace.

Still, throughout the two weeks, we had company here at our house - Marc’s twin, his wife, and their sons (our littlest nephews!).  How AWESOME to have a home full of laughter and little running feet!  Max loved racing around and making breakfast with Marc… and showing off his muscles. *giggle*  You can check our “videos” page to see excerpts of all of that.

We were also elated to have Littles in our nursery!  Sam, the baby of the family, was the very first to use our crib!  We are so excited to have such a beautiful crib, and a nursery for the boys to sleep in when they visit… but we’ll be even more excited when the nursery is in full time use (except for when our baby sleeps in the bassinet in our bedroom).

During the visit across state for the home-going service, I stopped by to spend time with my (this is Ashley speaking, by the way!) sisters, my Mom and Step-Dad, my Grandma, an Aunt (who is a birth mother herself), and three cousins. Wow… the days were a whirlwind of love and blessings!

I think maybe I was particularly moved by time with the parts of my family that have lived adoption first hand.  Having an aunt who is a birth mother is special, and only recently have we started talking in depth about that.  In December, she reunited with her daughter (and grandchildren!).  Back then, adoptions were all closed.  Open-adoption is a relatively “new” concept that really focuses on the health and healing of the child and the birth mother… and it’s really healthy for everyone involved.  It turns out the reunion was great for everyone involved in my family… but open adoptions prevent a child from ever having to find their birth family… the child is just blessed with ALL their family, from all of the branches of their life. <3

All I can say is we are blessed.  And whomever enters our family through adoption will be blessed with so much family, also. 

We cannot wait to get to know you, and your family…

And we cannot wait to be parents!  We have no idea what will happen when, and we ask God to keep us patient while we wait in love… so for now…

Hugs, and love, and God bless you, Dear Friend!

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Marcus and Ashley Sue

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Marcus and Ashley Sue