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Our Story

Our relationship is based on love, honesty & mutual respect for one another.

We met in 2009 in Chicago, IL, and when people ask how we met we jokingly tell them, "the old fashion way... on match.com"! We immediately felt a unique connection, even before we met in person. Once we did, we were inseparable. We were engaged a year later, and married in 2011 on the white sand beaches in Turks and Caicos.

We both have many common interests like watching football on Sundays in the fall (Lisa is a huge Chicago Bears fan, while JT is partial to his hometown team - the Indianapolis Colts), running along the Hudson River Esplanade, traveling either to visit family/friends, and exploring new restaurants in the city. We both lead a very healthy, active and social lifestyles and are so excited to involve our child in all of our fun family activities!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We moved to NYC from Chicago in 2013. We absolutely love all of the energy the city has to offer.

There are lots of kids in our neighborhood and our building is family-friendly. Our building has an indoor playroom full of toys and games, and a private outdoor jungle gym to play on too! Our neighborhood boasts lots of fun activities for kids of all ages like movies in the park, arts and crafts, and sing-a-longs!

There are also lots of nearby museums and sights to see (Statue of Liberty, the ice rink at Rockefeller Center, and Times Square) for when our child gets older. We can't wait to re-explore all of these amazing places and see them through the eyes of our child!

About JT

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because of his unique ability to relate to kids of all ages on their level. Family is very important to him and he loves to take our nieces and nephews on nature walks, and is very patient and kind when answering questions or explaining things. Children take an immediate liking to JT and I have no doubt he will make the most amazing Dad!

JT is the most caring and thoughtful person I know! He definitely has the ability to bring balance and positivity to any situation life throws us. I love coming home at the end of my workday and catching up, knowing he'll make me feel better if I've had a rough day.

JT was raised in South Bend, Indiana. He is the middle child in his family and has an older sister and a younger brother. JT's parents live in Arizona as does his sister and our nieces. JT's brother and his family live in Texas. JT's family is already planning the next reunion so that we can introduce our child to his/her cousins!

About Lisa

adoptive family photo - Lisa Meet Lisa, by JT


wherever she goes, kids and animals seem to gravitate towards her. She loves spending time with our nieces and nephews, and always wants to engage them in fun, creative and educational activities. I can tell by the smiles on their faces and the joy in their voice, that they absolutely love playing and talking with her too!

Lisa is a very warm, kind, and loving individual. She is incredibly smart and organized, and always has a positive outlook on life. She always seems to find time in her day to send me sweet text messages or voicemails telling me how much she loves me!

Lisa grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She is the oldest child and has a younger sister who still lives in Michigan with our two nephews. Lisa's mom lives with them and helps take care of them. Lisa is very close to the boys, and talks to them almost every day! We go see Lisa's family a few times a year and can't wait to introduce our nephews to their new cousin!

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JT & Lisa

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