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Our Story

We met online in 2009 and after several months of chatting, we decided to meet in person. It wasn't long until we realized we had a special connection and were meant to be together. Kate was living in New York and Emily in Texas so it was decided that Kate would pack up and move to Texas!
We enjoy going on long drives in the country just to see where the road will take us. We can't wait to hear our child in the backseat asking "are we there yet?"
We have 2 cats and one dog and we look forward to seeing our child learn to love animals just as much as we do.
Kate has a grown son with kids of his own and Emily has a 4 year old nephew and a new niece on the way! We cannot wait for our child to join this sweet group of kids in our lives.

Our Home

We live in Austin, Texas. Austin is very diverse and open-minded. there are so many different cultures represented within our city. Everyone is welcoming and courteous. There are so many fun things to do in Austin from visiting parks and playgrounds to zoo's and aquariums. There is a beautiful lake running right through town and there are always fun festivals going on. We are excited to experience all that Austin has to offer with our child and look forward to raising a child in this wonderful city.
Austin has a great schools to choose from charter schools, public school, and private schools.

About Emily

adoptive family photo - Emily Emily is the most caring person Kate has ever met. She always thinks of others before herself. She is very kind and is always offering to babysit her nephew, Oliver and Kate's grandchildren. She is a very deep thinker and always gives every scenario a lot of thought. Kate loves hearing her laugh at her silly jokes.

About Kate

adoptive family photo - Kate Emily says Kate is a big kid at heart. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. She is very kind and has an enormous love for animals. She is the most down to earth, easy going person Emily has ever met. Not a lot of things bother her and she is always in a good mood. She has a big heart and will give you the shirt off her back. She takes good care of her family.

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Emily & Kate

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Emily & Kate