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Our Story

We are Rebecca and Alan. We met in Vermont while on an artist’s residency. We became friends quickly, kept in touch after the residency ended, and started talking long distance. We began dating soon after Rebecca moved to Los Angeles for her graduate program. Alan was already there for his graduate school. We both studied fine art and following graduation, we got married and moved to Eagle Rock, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Today, we spend time volunteering with a nonprofit that pulls cats and kittens from LA shelters. We foster up to 4 kittens at a time in our home (along with caring for our 3 residents cats). We have been doing this work for almost 5 years, so far helping to save and find homes for over 50 kitties.

We travel a few times a year and make a point of seeing our young nephews in Vermont and Colorado every year. We also like to visit extended family in Rhode Island, New York, internationally, or meet family elsewhere if they are traveling. This past year everyone met in Hawai'i to go camping. Our nephews are awesome kids and we are eager for our children to play with them.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in the cozy and eclectic Eagle Rock neighborhood in Los Angeles. The art scene, warm weather, beaches and mountains, museums, great restaurants, fresh produce year-round, and diverse population are some of the reasons we love LA. Our house is a 2 bedroom 1 bath Minimal Traditional house that has nice views of the sunset and is surrounded by a native plant garden. We try to live deliberately and modestly while still being safe and comfortable.

About Alan

adoptive family photo - Alan Alan is kind, curious, and patient. He has a lot of space, energy, and attention to give to children. He enjoys teaching about nature at his job at the Natural History Museum. As a gardener he enjoys the physicality of working and being outdoors. As a husband, he loves coming home to his wife and knowing that his family is the touchstone for his life.

Alan is close to his younger sister, Krista, who lives outside Denver with her husband and their two sons. Every year we visit around Thanksgiving, go see the Christmas lights, run the short Thanksgiving day "Turkey Trot", walk in the nature preserve around their house, visit the museums, and take advantage of any snow we might get by sledding and making snowmen with the boys. Members of Alan’s extended family live in Boulder, also with young children, and we get to see them as well.

Alan’s passion is designing and installing gardens with native plants. Native plants are the basis of the native ecosystem and bring insects which bring birds and other animals. Our backyard is a lively and colorful place! Alan works at the native plants garden at the Natural History Museum where he not only does basic gardening chores, but also does outreach and education with visitors, especially children. Alan is also an artist who makes photographs, videos, drawings, and paintings about the local LA landscape.

Alan loves sports - baseball particularly. For the past decade, with his best friend from high school, he has been visiting cities across the US and Mexico to tour stadiums, collect hats, and see games. Next on his list is Phoenix, where he’ll see the Kachinas at the Heard Museum and catch a game at Chase Field. His favorite team is the Oakland A’s. Taking out of town guests to a Dodger’s game, only about 10 minutes from our house, is always fun, but we prefer to drive a little further and see minor league games where you can sit close to the action and enjoy elote or corn on the cob with all the fixings -- Rebecca’s favorite!

Rebecca writing about Alan
Alan has a warmth and calm that make people instantly at ease with him. Born and raised in Texas, but educated in Boston, he has a unique combination of Yankee work-ethic and Texas warmth making him comfortable anywhere and able to connect with just about anyone. Alan has a quirky sense of humor that usually is more “punny” than funny. He has a tremendous amount of integrity; if he says he’s going to do something you can always count on him to do it.

Alan has an endless well of patience, especially for small children. He is willing to sit with them and play the same repetitive game with them (like stacking the blocks and then knocking them down) for as long as they like. A favorite with our nephews and our friends kids is cooking (both real and pretend) with Alan. He never hurries them along and always listens more than explains. He will literally hold an infant for hours if you let him. I’m so looking forward to seeing him share his love of nature, cooking, and sports with our children.

About Rebecca

adoptive family photo - Rebecca Rebecca is the oldest of four children. Her brother lives in Seattle, while her mom, sisters, and nephews live in Vermont. Summer visits to Vermont mean swimming in the lakes and rivers and picnicking on the shore. In the winter, it's all about curling up in front of the fireplace after a day of sledding down the hill behind the red mill. Rebecca's mom is usually able to get us to out for cross-country skiing with the promise thermoses of hot chocolate. Winter or summer, it’s always great taking the boys and the dogs on a long hike in the woods.

Rebecca is an artist focusing on sculptor who teaches art to children of all ages through a community art center. She brings art to different groups of children throughout Los Angeles including elementary schools, parks and recreation centers, and a juvenile detention center. She also teaches technical drawing and rendering to college students.

Growing up, she has fond memories of pounding nails, and sanding and filing pieces of wood to make toys with her father in his woodshop and sewing and knitting socks, hats, and sweaters with her mother. She hopes to share her passion for building and making with her children as it was shared with her.

Rebecca’s other passions include rock climbing, biking, reading science fiction, and running a small nonprofit art gallery with a group of friends.

Alan writing about Rebecca
Rebecca is passionate about making the world a better place either through cat rescue or bringing art to children in underserved communities. She says what’s on her mind in a direct way and listens carefully with a great deal of empathy when you talk to her. Having grown up in Vermont, she has a New Englander’s intense work ethic, dry sense of humor, and lack of pretense.

Children gravitate toward her, even children in public seem to know she has attention for them and seek her out with a smile or story. Her favorite game with our nephews and friend’s kids is wrestle! She knows all the superheroes and supervillains and never backs down from a play battle of good against evil.  I’m very excited about seeing her become a mother and watching her share with our child the joy and love she has for art, animals, education, and life.

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