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I am not even sure how to begin, but I want to say first and foremost, thank you so much for just considering me as an option to be a part of you and your child’s life. I cannot begin to imagine the many thoughts and feelings that may be weighing on you as you contemplate and put into effect an adoption plan.

If you have the opportunity to meet me and get to know me some, you will find, over time, that I am a Big Kid at Heart. I have always loved the innocence of children with their wonder and amazement of life and how the simplest of things can bring them so much joy. And, for me, this is a quality that I hold dear and always try to keep in myself. I am that grown woman who still watches cartoons. I also, on occasions, still play video games. (and, I am not embarrassed to say so!) At first glance, I appear and come off as the serious type and quiet. But, once I get comfortable and get to know someone more, my ‘fun’ side shines. I never imagined that I would be in a stage in my life where I did not have children around me in some way. My immediate family is small, however, I have family in Louisiana where I have 5 Aunts, 16 1st Cousins and 15 2nd cousins. My parents made sure my sister and I where close with them, as we grew up, so we had many road trips to visit them. And, with me being the oldest cousin, I have had, and still have lots of children around me, which I love immensely!

The decision to be an adoptive parent, for me, centered around one main goal….to be able to contribute to the growth, well-being, life, and most importantly happiness of a child. For me, adoption is just another way for me to be able to love and give to a child all the blessings and joys that my parents and family have brought me. Children are the ‘lights’ of this world and they help to bring out the best in people. And, my world….life…would be even more fulfilling to know that I am able to play a part in your child’s growth and life. Children help keep you young by giving you the ability to look at things in new and different perspective. Those perspectives and amazements of life which most tend to lose as we get older.

So, for me, adoption is a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to grow my own family and share and give all my experiences and love which my parents gave to me and my sister in abundance.

I would be more than honored and humbled to be able to be the person and family that you want to provide to your child. I only hope that, from this short letter, that you can ‘feel’ my desire to be able to love and share life with your child.

With Much Love and Respect,

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home I live in a 3 story townhome. I have lived here for 17 years. My home is located in a very nice and quiet community. We have a community swimming pool and children play areas.

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